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My dogs are on the homepage, Bear and Kimchi, I wanted to provide their new link: http://www.allpawsclinic.com

Great prices and close to my house!

I have never used Stuart White as a vet; however, as his neighbor his inhumane and vendictive nature was very disturbing. On only three acres of city land, it appeared he had many poorly cared for animals including a mule, horse, chickens, dogs and over 40 hogs with little concern of the surrounding

I found All Paws on a drive to work in Brookfield. They have a very very new facility which is why I went. They also gave me a discount on my new kitten's shots.

All paws is a great place. Since I live in Sussex its not a short drive. It is on the edge of Butler and Wauwatosa or near the north west side of Milwaukee. Dr. Singh is very kind and always available. I used the coupon on their website as well.