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This was a terrible experience. Firstly, they don't open on time, they're rude, you don't even get to meet the veterinarian, and they advertise low prices but when they get you in, they estimate more than double their advertised price and try to make you feel like you're not giving your pet

I picked Premier Vet to take my 9 month old Buffy to because they had gotten such great ratings and they are very close to were we live to I thought it was a win win! When we got there Buffy was throwing up, soft stool, wouldn't eat and lethargic. They did a fecal test first thing and said

Beware of hidden costs. Not a good place to get prescriptions for your pet as they insist you use their service rather than buy your own at best price.

I have been going to this vet hospital for the last year with my dog. Dr. Hyatt gives you the utmost care with your pet. My dog has been real sick and Dr. Hyatt goes to the extreme to find out what is wrong with your animal. If Dr. Hyatt wants another opinion he calls to UT Vet School instead

They are experts at what they do.

The vets are nice and know what they are doing but the people that work there are noncaring sadists...say something that will "perturb" them and your animal will pay the price.....But If you don't mind waiting for hours while they talk about nail polish, dating, and what color outfit to wear,

I visited the Bellevue Value Vet today out of desperation. My regular vet was out of town & VV is convenient to where I live. Upfront payment requirements were not divulged until the very end of the $29 exam, which I paid. A customer should never be led through the sales process without being