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My cat Bromley had cancer in his leg and they removed the tumor rather than amputation. Unfortunately the cancer spread and he passed away .But we were able to spend 3 more months with us playing and enjoying the outdoors.

I chose Central to board my cat mainly because they have someone in the building 24/7. Unless you make a separate arrangement they don't tend to your pet after hours but just finding a place with someone there was so important and next to impossible. When I took my boy for the initial exam

Clean, courteous and knowledgeable, they take clients by appointment only! I wouldn't take my dog anywhere else!!!

My 8yr old boxer was having trouble. Vomiting, lethargic. We took her to our normal vet hudson highlands to be examined. They told me they thought she had a blockage but didn't have the ultrasound needed so i was referred to ASC. There they ran tests including an ultrasound and said it was

I travel a long way to Otterkill in order to see Dr. Joe. He is the only vet I trust with my two dogs. I have tried four vets and no one compares. I have spent an unimaginable amount of money on my youngest dog and no other vet could get it right. Dr. Joe was thorough in each exam and always

Dr.Winkler and his staff were amazing with our dog, Dexter. Our dog had entropion, and needed immediate surgery on his eye because he was in so much pain. We went in for our initial consultation, and Dr.Winkler immediately knew his condition, and even found ingrown eyelashes and an ulcer in

Shows feelings for both patients and their owners. Best diagnostician around. Does furred, scaled and feathered friends, specializes in exotics, eyes etc. Proficient in every area of all species. Cares for the strays and ferals alike, same as your family pets.

Lauridia put my cat on a strict diet of food that was not complete and balanced nutrition. It was, in fact, marked "for intermittent feeding only." According to AAFCO pet food labeling standards, if a food does NOT provide complete and balanced nutrition, it must be labeled "for intermittent

I brought my beloved cat in because he had a fever. Their 1st diagnosis, he has a virus and gave him antibiotics. He continued to get sick, took him 3 times to the emergency clinic and then back to them when he started to swell. They took an X-ray said he had AIR in him and recommended an

Assisi Veterinary Hospital is not just any animal Hospital. They are Professional who care about all animals, unconditional love, excellent care, knowledge, it is not just a job or a patient everyone is special. The service and support is unbelievable. Your pets will always look forward

We take our cat Bonkers to Animal Medical, the vets are helpful and my cat do not afraid to go to the vet. Thanks everyone.

We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Gittelman and Animal Medical Hospital in New City. The staff was great and we highly recommend them.

Best vet in New City is Animal Medical. I recommend them to anyone looking for a quality and caring facility for their pets.

Thanks Dr. Howard Gittelman for looking after my dog Sadie and making her better. We have moved the candy dish off the coffee table to avoid future problems!

The vet and the staff at Animal Medical Center in New City fabulous. I highly recommend Dr. Howard Gittelman and his team for great pet care.

I would like to thank Animal Medical Hospital in New City for saving T-Rex (our dog). We were so scared after he got sick. If you need a good veterinarian, you have found the best place in town.

I highly recommend Animal Medical Clinic in New City. The staff and the doctors are great and always answer my questions so I understand. Thanks!

I went to Animal Hospital New City with my cat. Dr Howard Gittelman is best Vet ever. My cat is doing great and on a special diet, she is not having any more problems now that she is on the right food.

When I got home from work I found Chili (our cat) sick in the kitchen. We immediately took her to Animal Medical Clinic. They did tests and assured us that our cat had eaten something that irritated her stomach and that the condition was not life threatening. We got meds for her and by the

I was very nervous about taking my rabbit to the vet. The doctors at Animal Medical in New City were very friendly and knowledgeable about rabbits and talked to me before and after the visit so I was comfortable bringing her in for care. Thank you.

I went to Animal Medical in New City after my dog was hit by a car and broke his leg. I am very thankful to Animal Medical for helping Bear through his injury, recover and physical therapy. He is back to his old self and we have a new dog fence!

Dr Farber & Dr Mlekoday are excellent, staff friendly and helpful. They have taken care of our 3 Rottweilers with skill and compassion - I highly recommend. I can't say they are cheap, but as the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". We love them.

Diagnosed fiance's cat with cancer. After amputation, they found out she was misdiagnosed. When the histopathoLogy report was done on her leg afterwards it was found out that the mass was in fact benign. Cat's leg was amputated unnecessarily. The diagnosis and advice which was given, combined

Animal Medical is the worse place to take your pet. We have had very bad experiences with them.

This is the last place you will want to take your pet. I have heard from 3 different people in the last few months that each of their cats went into comas at this place. Several others dogs have died in their care and one will likely never walk again thanks to them. They are known for misdiagnosing

Please don't be fooled by Dr. Osterman's quiet demeanor. I too once thought highly of this man of few words, until his gross negligence most likely resulted in the untimely death of my dog. I soon found out that the almightly dollar is what was most important to Osterman. Had I the same monetary

If you want to experience the worst care, the most money hungry system in the US then go to this hospital. Your pet is just a dollar sign to their failing business after many pet owners became save to the negligence of the partners desperate to pay for a new facility at your expense. They

I wish I had done an internet search before going to Dr. Joseph and ASC in Yonkers NY. They broke every rule normally followed by veterinarians in the care of pets. Then, when my beloved pet died due to their negligence, they lied about it to save their licenses in NY. Now I find on the web

The best vet I've ever been to. All 3 vets make you feel like your pet is one of their own. The nurses are great and take extra special care of your pet and make sure you feel comfortable and informed. The receptionist welcomes you and always greets your pet and is genuinely happy to see them.

I would like to personally thank Dr. Davis and his entire staff. They went beyond the scope of their job and took care of our golden retriever Clancy. They treated our Clancy wonderful. Our Clancy passed away on 9/8/10. Thank You Dr.Davis for all that you have done for us and our Clancy.

This is a horrible place. DO NOT go there if you care about your pet. We took our 11 week puppy there for his routine puppy check up and shots and his life was taken away from us. In the presence of Dr. Ouart his kennel assistant Melissa Gilliam gave our 7 lb puppy a body hold and clamped his

3000 dollars for 2 overnight stays just so I could stay up for another 48 hours getting ticks off my cat and vacuuming/bleaching my home. He is an indoor cat, and got them there at his overnight stay. Unauthorized tests were done. They were so disorganized. The Dr. came right off a surfboard

My 8 month old kitten had to be admitted to a hospital after losing his ability to use his hind legs. My fiance and I stayed up for a week and a half straight, commuting to and from Manhattan Veterinary Specialists, and Manhattan Cat Specialists. Every test conceivable was performed on my kitten,

We had a terrible experience at ASC and Dr. Joseph as well. Their lack of concern, negligent treatment, and outrageous costs sent us running out of there. We then went to a neurological veterinarian on LI who was just the opposite. We would never recommend ASC or Joseph to care for our dog.

We're heartbroken because of Dr. Richard Joseph and the Animal Specialty Center. They violated all the rules for safely performing an MRI, resulting in the death of our beloved dog, then lied about it to the authorities to save their skins and retain their veterinary licenses. It was the worst