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All about the money here... they act like they care and do the procedures and stick you with a bill 3-5 times what any other vet would charge for the same, no exaggeration. They highly recommend un-needed procedures to pad the bill. They got a big facility to pay for and the owner doesn't mind

Our large breed dog has had issues for months. They tried several things which didn't work. Then the dreaded could be rumors or cancer. Took him for x-rays at another vet office and they were clear. When told he needed a CT scan next and I told them I couldn't afford the $2100 they were

Well staffed. Well equipped. Well appointed. But your wallet had better be well padded as well.

We just became acquainted with Dr. Smirnes and Woodward Veterinary Home Care this year. Her first visit was in January to diagnose a torn ACL on our senior dog. He wasn't using his one rear leg and obviously having difficulty getting around. He doesn't like to be carried and really freaks out

We took our sick large breed dog to this facility late one evening suffering from twisted stomach. The dog walked into the surgery area and we had great hope that with the proper skill and dedication successful surgery could have been performed to save our dog. A visiting veterinary surgeon

Place charges for everything!!! They charge $9 to transfer pills from one bottle to another. They definitely won't work with you if they might lose money. Money is their concern!! Dog may have been misdiagnosed for years and they charge for you to get your records which should be free.

Dr. Skarich seems to really love animals. We drive from Lansing because I am too afraid to give anyone else a try and have had such good experiences here. He even saw my son's bunny! My large lab-mix dog and my cats all get great care.

I would not go back, the owner is rude and does not know what he is doing. My cat got worse and I ended up going to another Vet to find out what was wrong.