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Love annabessacook. They have been awesome with our animals!

Dr. Perks is one of the most caring, helpful and knowledgeable people I have ever known. Our family just went through one of the most difficult decisions we have ever made. Our beloved Spotty, our dalmation, just shy of 16 and a half years reached a point where his quality of life deteriorated

We had a little beagle mix that I found a small lump in her throat. We took her to PenBay who were our vets at the time, and they did a biopsy and found cancer. We were told that the prognosis wasn't good and surgery in that location of her neck was extremely dangerous and unlikely to be successful.

I thought the doctors/staff were good but it was pricy. They gave me a quote of between $400 and $700 dollars to have my dog's teeth cleaned. Fellow greyhound owners I've met said they've never paid over $300.

I brought choco my then 5 month old german shorthair to this clinic after a very long weekend of vomiting and diarrhea....he was near dead by the time they got him on monday. He had drank standing water in a field that had possibly had an animal parish in it, leaving a dangerous parasite lurking.

I take all 3 of my english bulldogs there, Dr Patterson, Dr Kessler, Kelly, Jen and all the people I am missing are very detailed when it comes to my bullies, Princess, Bandit, and Kaiya are very comfortable with everyone, they wouldn't have it any other way, me either. Love this business.

The staff was very friendly and that is the only good thing I have to say about Dr. Fay and staff. They were an hour and a half late, and didn't bother giving us a phone call to let us know. The quote they quoted for castration ended up being an extra $75 for things we were not made aware