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I brought my 4 month old French bulldog to get spayed. First, they did not ever inform me that 4 months might be a little young for French Bulldogs since they are a high risk dog. While I was filling out paperwork, the receptionist put a star on the "decline blood work" and told me to initial

They are all so nice. I love my little baby Lady and I wouldn't trust her care to anyone I didn't believe was going to take care of her like I would.

I can't say enough about BVH. DR. Houston and everyone else does such a stand out job. They have cared for so many of our rescue pups and they will going forward. I had to bring our Chihuahua Jake in today and they were so sweet and caring. He got meds and proper care. He's now resting comfortably.

Very impressed how they take care of my little Lola who is a 12 week old English Bulldog.

I must start with --I love this clinic for all they do for so many lost animals. But my experience is horrible. I took my old cat in who had an eye tumor. They took him in immediately. When I was called to finally pick him up they just handed me my cat with NO meds, NO instructions, NO paperwork

They have fit us in last minute so many times when we've had something urgent come up. They are so good to us! Very professional and always explain everything to me.

My cat Luv is is doing so well!! He went from walking around like a drunk kitty to back to normal like nothing was ever wrong. Thank you for looking him over back in August. We have since moved but would drive across town if needed for my animals. You all are great!

Brought her there twice. They did not diagnose heart murmur and now she has 2 months or less to live. When I questioned their treatment(or lack of) they kicked me out of practice. She developed a cough which I took her to new vet and he diagnosed heart murmur in under 5 minutes because he did

My puppy needed surgery that included an incision in his abdomen. A few days after surgery, I wasn't comfortable with the way his incision looked so I sent pictures into the vet, telling them of my concerns. They brushed me off and treated me like I was crazy. Then, not 24 hours later, his

There is no question that Dr. Jeffrey Young has good intentions with his programs to reduce pet overpopulation, but quality appears to have taken a back seat to quantity when it comes to spaying and neutering animals. He may be a good surgeon but, in my opinion, he cuts important corners to

I had a rare healthy parrot that I left in the hands of GoldenView Veterinarian hospital run by a Kris Alhgrem. We boarded my Bronze-winged Pionus, named Bronco, because we had to visit a sick relative in Florida on Friday March 6th. While in the care of GoldenView Veterinarians in Golden,

I hate to post a bad review for this clinic, unfortunately the VET really has some listening and interpersonal issues and problems. The clinic feels like it is on its last leg as a business. The VET has a husband who defends his wife regardless of her behavior. I pointed out three times

Cost $35 for 7 pills. They charged $25 to count out 7 pills. Now they won't refill the prescription cause we complained, they don't care about my dog being in pain. Stay away from this vet.

I initially decided to give this vet a try because they were willing to work with my schedule and offered me a reasonable price for surgery for my kitten. (I paid $374 at the time surgery occurred. I never asked for a payment plan.) After 1 phone consultation and 2 visits, I left their office

While visiting my dog Missy injured her lower back (again). She had previous issues with it. Age 14. Called and the friendly staff were able to get us in within a 24 hour period. Dr. Kevin Schramm took the time to sit down on the floor and get to know what type of temperament Missy had

I don't recommend this place. I have an immediate problem with any vet's office who immediately disregards my knowledge of my pet. I had a terrible experience here when I had to come in to euthanize my elderly dog. Their first concern was getting as much money from me as possible, not the comfort


I've been to see Dr Grossman twice and while I thought she was fine, the front desk staff was always snotty and unhelpful. The girls at the front desk are under the misguided conception that they have no competition and they are the least expensive clinic. These are not just untrue statements,