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Because today's world offers so many choices, you're here today to decide whether or not this veterinarian is the right choice to entrust with the care of your furry kids, and because you're so concerned about this, let me tell you about my own experience with South Hills Animal Hospital in

GREATEST VET I HAVE EVER BEEN TO! Mind you, I have been to several other places in the Orange County area and no one beats Katella Animal Clinic's kindness, passion, and love for animals. All the staff is super kind to me and my cats. I am always welcomed and cared for. They always try to

Please Do Not Take YOUR PET HERE I did a working interview at this place several years ago (didnt take the job based on pay rate) and gave them a call since my normal vet is out til the 16th. Absolutely shameful. Took my dog in with bloodwork, xray and an urine analysis from another vet

Our normal healthy dog passed away after one night boarding at the clinic. While we're still waiting to test his blood to check for anything suspicious, the fact is that only the vet tech (I believe his name was as Danny) was helpful. He was empathetic, and very helpful and caring. The nurse

The staff was very nice; however the doctors were very negligent of my dog's care. He was supposedly was diagnosed with Kidney failure, and within 2.5 days his blood work found no source of poison or illness. He had two x-rays and not once did a doctor call me regarding their findings, he was

I sat and listened to what other people were being charged and every single one was over $350.00. It was no surprise when my bill came to $378.00. It seemed like that was the minimum for each patient to cover the offices' overhead and staff, of which there were way too many. Five people working

My first two visits to this hospital was fine but the third was not. You never know which doctor you will see after hours and Dr. Steurer was a nightmare. She didn't explain my pet's situation cohesively at all. She rushed through saying I should ask questions if I didn't understand but

I had an appointment today with Dr Leah and Gracie. Gracie LISTENS on the phone to your "STORY" about your animal so that you feel HEARD. She takes care of details once the vet comes for the actual visit, like bringing pain meds that you can administer yourself, as needed. The Dr thinks

We have boarded our two dogs in the past at this clinic and we were satisfied. However this past week we boarded them for 5 days and the day we picked up our dogs our smallest one started wheezing and coughing in the car. We thought it was just a fluke and went home, but it got worst over the

After having my mare for 20+ years I was torn. I didn't know if it was my selfish love for her (I also owned her dam and her son throughout the years) that was keeping her here. With age comes problems. She became sore on both front feet. After treatment by numerous shores and my current vet,

ABC Veterinary almost killed my beautiful dog Raisin. My dog started loosing weight rapidly, went from 70lbs to 50lbs. I took my dog to ABC 4 times all together within those 4 months. They wanted me to start with a Fecal and a blood test worth 300$. Both tests came negative, (at least that's

DO NOT USE TV's "The Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan's Mobile Veteranarian Dr. Rick Garcia, aka: Paws & Claws !!! He did a minor tumor removal surgery from his mobile truck on my sisters dog. The dog died 2 hours later. When my sister called him to inform him the dog was having convulsions he said

The docotors are so skind and friendly! I've already recommened ABC Vet to a friend! And I really appreciate that when I called and had a question a dcotor got back to me that same day, after normal business hours!!!

I love Dr. Bittan. He is an amazing, compassionate, honest, "highly" intelligent -well rounded veteranarian with a "gentle" bedside manner. He is very direct and to the point. He always has a treatment plan for your pet's condition and each plan is "individualized" based on diagnostic lab results,

Super rude staff including the owner/vet. Extremely overpriced. We received a WRONG diagnosis which would have resulted in the death of our family pet if we had followed their advice. The office staff is untrained and they have made numerous mistakes repeatedly. If you value the health of your

Professionalism does not compensate for incompetence. Lack knowledge in current trends in veterinary cardiology, poor treatment plan. This is overall a very perilous situation for any dog who is already vulnerable due to heart disease. I transferred my dog elsewhere. Please save yours.

This vet is absolutely the worst vet I have ever been to. She refused to listen to my questions, was snappish and rude, charged me for an exam which she didn't give because she was afraid of getting scratched, called my cat a "basket case", used a needle on my cat, that she had dropped uncapped

Dr. Rick Garcia is what you wish all veterinarians could be like- mobile, really smart, thorough and professional, honest and kind. Our dog was gravely ill and had been misdiagnosed twice in one day by both our regular vet and by an emergency vet. We knew something was very wrong and were

The worst part of it is that Iíve been a repeat customer for the last 10 years. At first impression Dr. Bigelow comes across as compassionate and caring. That was from the initial checkup for my puppy 10 yrs ago. Over the yrs his business practice has become greedy and unethical. Annual

Dr. Cohen is a true saint. Dr. Cohen is the smartest man I know. Dr. Cohen has been helping me with my cats for over 13 years now. I can't tell you how much he has meant to the lives of so many unwanted and unloved animals in our community that I rescue as well as those lucky pets that are