Samantha Nordman
708 14th st SE Unit 13 Little Falls, Minnesota, 56345  (612)787-8603 
Personal Profile
 Graduated High school with honors
 Made dean's list in College
 Would lke to go on to Graduate school to study Veterinary medicine
Marshall High school-Duluth MN
High school diploma June 2008
Briar cliff University-Sioux City IA
Bachelor's Degree (Major in Biology, minor of Chemistry) May 2012
Lake Superior Zoo
Junior Docent Summer of 2000-2007
 Jobs included cleaning exhibits, preforming animal enrichment, doing research, and educating the public.
 I remained part of the program until I no longer met the age requirements (needed to be under 17)
Tutor August 2007-2008
 I tutored 1st and 2nd graders in reading.
 I successfully finished the program and moved on to college
Briar Cliff Cafe
Student Worker September 2008-April 2010
 I was required to know how to work the grill, and dishwasher. I also worked at the deli, pizza, and specialty stations. I also helped work in the kitchen preparing food.
 Required to follow food safety regulations.
Sioux City Country Club
Stands Worker April 2012-October 2010
 Mix and Serve drinks, and snacks to golfers on the course, and keep bathrooms clean.
 Seasonal Job
Easy Tech Associate January 2011-May 2012
 Started in January as a cashier, was promoted to an Easy tech associate in November.
 Talk to and help customers with technical or office supply problems, including finding the right products for them.
 Employee of the months 3 separate occasions

Veterinary Internship
Town and Country Vet Clinic (under Dr. John Conley) August 2010-december 2011
 Help assist Dr. Conley on procedures and examinations, learn the basics of animal care
 Band (trumpet) 2000-2008
o Honor band 2007-2008
o Jazz Band 2006-2012
 Softball 2002-2008 (varsity 2007-2008)
o Pitcher and First base
 Mock Trial 2006-2007 (including state 2006)
 National Honors Society Member
 Published in Minnesota Poetry contest 2007

Year of Birth

1990, female

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Name & Surname

Samantha Nordman

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