The idea of pain management for humans is not a new concept. We understand when we hurt and where it hurts and we look to specialists to aid us ease the pain. But when we're dealing with our pets in pain, finding out what causes the pain and how to assist them gets a little more complicated.

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We are an elite veterinary practice whose greatest commodity is hope. We partner with veterinarians and also help our clients directly. Our clients come to us with pets that have had surgeries, but are still limp. Or their pets may painfully shuffle through the house, their joints aching with arthritis. We see dogs who have had sports injuries, and also help recent amputees needing assistance with mobility and ambulation. In dogs and cats, injury and illness can result in pain and disability, causing suffering and decreased quality of life.

One of the newest therapy additions at the Center for Veterinary Pain Management and Rehabilitation is the Microlight ML830 Therapeutic Laser. We use Therapeutic Laser as a non-invasive and painless treatment for myofascial trigger points. The Therapeutic Laser treats tissue under the skin by emitting a select wave length of light. Applying the Therapeutic Laser to the treatment of pets is an example of how we combine our expertise in the identification of myofascial trigger points with our knowledge of the principles used in the human pain treatment.