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  City Nashville , TN
  Zip Code 37216
  Address 4602 Gallatin Pikes
  Phone Number (615) 226-3000

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I visited the Bellevue Value Vet today out of desperation. My regular vet was out of town & VV is convenient to where I live. Upfront payment requirements were not divulged until the very end of the $29 exam, which I paid. A customer should never be led through the sales process without being given clear payment policy parameters.

Dr. French was fine. She confirmed my cat did not have a blockage. After her 5 minute overview, she went outside to create an action plan. Tech came in a while later to review the vet's recommendations (fluids, antibiotic, blood panel, steroid shot). She said the total would be $220 (+ or - a few $s). I explained I would not be able to pay the full amount for one day. Tech replied, "This is like WalMart where you shop & should expect to pay the full amount at checkout."

Interesting. Animal care and WalMart seem like quite different "animals." Excuse the pun.

I politely asked tech to make an exception. She told me to come back when I have the money. We started to leave. Tech said she would call her manager.

We waited a while. Tech returned to say her manager was on the line. FYI, Value Vet is comprised of one large room with a few exam rooms on the periphery. Conceivably, multiple procedures occur simultaneously. The phone is in the middle of the large room.

Manager asked if I could do ANYTHING to get the money. I detailed my explanation about the payment. She recommended that I apply for CareCredit to cover the expense. I replied that I stay away from credit. She said there was nothing she could do. And then: “Think about WalMart or the grocery store. You don’t go there, put groceries in your cart, & then not pay at the register, now do you?”

I told her I would not pursue doing business with VV, that I would take my baby to one of the excellent independent vets that I know in the Nashville area. These independent vets are people who understand the importance of relationships, trust and community. The west side of Nashville is BUILT on these things.

I felt temporarily demeaned but angry. The animal care business is competitive. If I were a vet attempting to establish myself in a community of deep roots, I would not set myself apart by indoctrinating The WalMart Analogy Mantra.

Hopefully. Value Vet's customers will take their business to vets of integrity - where customers are approached with genuine kindness and grace – as friends.

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