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  City Miami , FL
  Zip Code 33186
  Address 13475 SW 136 St
  Phone Number (305) 238-2222

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After several years of using the services of Town &and Country Animal Hospital, 13475 SW 136th St, Miami, we took our Bichon for routine dental and to have a wart removed from each hind foot. When we picked her up she had severe pain when her right side was touched. About 5 days later a larger blister broke behind her front leg and within days spread to her hind leg. When we took her back it was discovered that she had been burned badly. Although she recovered from the wart surgery in a week, the treatment for the burn lasted for over six weeks. She required antibiotic for 4 weeks and was forced to wear a collar 24/7 for almost seven weeks to prevent licking or chewing. She was a miserable little dog for a very long time due to the negligence of the staff attending her that day. We were told that the device to warm the animals during surgery and in recovery is not meant to touch the skin. Their lack of supervision resulted in this horrible and disfiguring wound on our dog. It does not appear that she will ever have hair over this scar.

The vet and the nurse that were responsible for our dog that day were Dr. Catalina Kesseru and Alejandro.

We were appalled that our trust was so violated and that our dog was so mishandled. Although a wonderful vet, Dr. Lori Wendland who treated the wound was as caring and compassionate as one could ever hope to experience, neither Dr. Kesseru or Alejandro ever spoke to us about how this happened, nor did Dr. Mordaunt, the principal of the clinic, ever bother to inquire as to how the dog was doing or to offer any kind of an apology.

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  • Mordaunt will try to kill your pet at every visit

Let me start this off by saying that Drs. Child and Kesseru are very good. They've always been compassionate and very helpful. Also, all of the vet techs that we've encountered have been nothing but nice, especially Paola. Paola went above and beyond to help us and we owe her a huge debt of gratitude. Now, if you want your pet to be attended to, and most likely be put to death, by an unprofessional, insensitive, condescending, uneducated, incompetent, doctor, then, by all means, go see "Dr." Michael Mordaunt.

I'll start this story off with the first time I ever took my dog to see Michael Mordaunt. This was about a year and half ago and I just went in to give my dog a regular check-up, since he hadn't had one in a while. My dog was 13 at the time. Anyway, everything came back looking pretty good, except his bloodwork showed that he was a little anemic and that he had signs of the beginnings of kidney problems. Nothing major.

Well, curiously, "Dr." Mordaunt started going on about how my dog was old and that he didn't have much time left. He gave him 6 months to a year. I didn't understand why or how he could be saying this when everything showed that he was a pretty healthy 13-year old. Needless to say, I avoided going to him after that.

Fast-forward to Monday of this week. While walking my dog, my girlfriend notices that he's having a hard time and seems to have lost the ability to walk. She rushes over to Town & Country Animal Hospital. The appointment is with Dr. Child and during the visit, it is revealed that my dog also has a 106 degree fever. He is admitted right away and put on IV to try to reduce the fever. Because of the severity of the fever, he had to be kept overnight. We called several times for updates and were told that my dog's fever had dissipated. If everything continued on this path, we could pick him up in the morning.

The next morning comes and I call to make sure that we can pick him up. The tech immediately tells me that my dog has been moaning/wailing nonstop, all morning long. I heard him in the background and really started panicking. We rushed over to see him and to try to find out what was going on. He was brought into the room and was still moaning/wailing uncontrollably. It seemed like he was in pain. It was heartbreaking and terrifying. While talking to the tech, she tells us that the blood test that was done on him didn't show anything remarkable. So, the reason for his crying out was still a mystery.

Anyway, in comes "Dr." Mordaunt. The first words out of his mouth are, "Well, we have to talk about putting him to sleep". First of all, even if this were in any way the case, what kind of a doctor just comes in and nonchalantly says that to someone? My girlfriend (who is a doctor, by the way), immediately questions him and asks, "Why?" Mordaunt then says, "He is in the end stages of his life. He's dying."

My girlfriend, very intelligently and logically (two traits that "Dr." Mordaunt obviously does not possess) states, "His bloodwork doesn't show anything. What is the problem that he is having?" She also asks what the blood culture showed (she was under the impression that a blood culture was also done. It had not been). "Dr." Mordaunt then, very condescendingly, asks her (knowing full well that she is an actual doctor), "You do know the difference between regular bloodwork and a blood culture, correct?" Again, my dog is seemingly dying in front of him and he has the audacity to try to talk down to his owner in the midst of all this? The level of unprofessionalism, and apparent jealousy, displayed by this clown was simply shocking.

Anyway, we continue. Mordaunt then says "Your dog is dying. You need to accept it." My girlfriend then says, "You still haven't told me what my dog is dying of. The bloodwork doesn't reveal anything. You haven't done any x-rays. So, how on earth can you say that my dog is dying? Dying from what?" Again, completely logical and rational. His answer? "I've been doing this for 40 years." How does that answer any of these questions? It's really sad that you've been doing this for 40 years and you are willing to put a poor little dog to sleep without having any evidence whatsoever that he is dying. All because he is moaning. Wouldn't a real doctor try to find out the cause of his supposed pain? Wouldn't a real doctor do an x-ray, something, anything, to try to find out what is causing this, not just say "Hey, he's old. Let's put him down"?

Oh, and we're still not done. Mordaunt, then, callously says, "Well, I have other patients waiting. What are you going to do?" Yes, my friends, this pathetic excuse for a "veterinarian" asked me and my girlfriend to accelerate our decision on our dog's fate because it was taking up too much of his precious time.

Obviously, we decided to take our dog for a second opinion. Dr. Kesseru came in and had an inkling that my dog was suffering from a neurological problem. She advised us to go to Dr. Wong at Southeast Veterinary Neurology.

Dr. Michael Wong is professional, compassionate, sincere, classy, and obviously very, very educated. He's an actual physician. To say that Dr. Wong is the antithesis of “Dr.” Michael Mordaunt is putting it extremely lightly.

Once we arrived there, Dr. Wong saw us pretty quickly. We went through the entire story and he vehemently disagreed with "Dr." Mordaunt. He said he believed that the problem was a disc problem and ordered an MRI.

MRI results came in and, just as he suspected, my dog indeed had a minor slipped disc in his neck. This was the cause of his problems. He found NOTHING terminal. He also said that the moaning/wailing that my dog was doing was not because of pain. Which was completely correct, as my dog has stopped doing it since he has been home. It seems to have been separation anxiety or a result of disorientation brought on by the meds he was on. It’s been 4 days since Mordaunt wanted to execute my dog, by the way, and he’s perfectly fine.

So, in conclusion, this man was going to execute my dog for the simple fact that he was old and moaning, never bothering to figure out the root cause. Think about it, how many other pets has this “doctor” doomed to premature deaths because of his utter incompetence? How this guy ever received a veterinary degree is beyond me. Dr. Wong saved my dog's life. My girlfriend’s decision to ignore “Dr.” Mordaunt’s uneducated opinion saved my dog’s life. Maybe if you wouldn't have graduated from that Philippines Community College, you wouldn’t have been completely outclassed by a newly graduated medical student, huh, Mordaunt? So much for that totally unjustified arrogance and those 40 years of experience, huh, buddy?

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