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  Person Town Center Animal Hospital
  City Las Vegas , NV
  Zip Code 89135
  Address 3565 S. Town Center Drive
  Phone Number (702) 262-1300

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This is a true story. A mother and her 15 and 18 year old children take their beloved 13 1/2 year old dachshund to TCAH to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. The dog has had cancer and has been treated here including multiple surgeries. The dog was xrayed, examined and had blood work done 13 days before the date in question. On the date in question, xray shows that it is time and the dog is taken in the back to have the catheter put in. Allegedly, while inserting the catheter, the dying dog bit Dr. Kyle, who was not the treating doctor.

The family is never told that this occurred and the treating physician is never told that there is an issue. At some point, mom and children are moved to a quieter room where the procedure will be done. And the dog and the treating doctor come in and the broken hearted mom and children say their goodbyes to their beloved pet who is in mom's arms. The treating doctor is in the process of inserting the first needle into the catheter when Dr Kyle tells a vet tech to retrieve the treating doctor from the room and she is whisked out of the room with no explanation while the family sits stunned wondering who would pull a doctor out of a room the moment a families pet is about to die. The treating doctor is then sent back into the room to tell the family that she has been told she cannot euthanize their suffering dog because Dr Kyle called animal control and they were on their way to seize the dog for a 10 day rabies quarantine.

This dog had hours to live and the family was then expected to wait for animal control to come take their dog and let it die in a kennel alone, scared and suffering. They didnt. There are no words to describe the shock and trauma this mother and children experienced and will forever experience. Dr Kyle said nothing to the family or to the treating doctor prior to calling animal control and then completely annihilated this family at the worst possible moment and deprived their dying dog of a peaceful, dignified death.

Value for moneyUnethical
Service & supportCalled animal control on my dying dog
Overall ratingPoor

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  • Unethical, Unprofessional, Lack Integrity and Responsibility for their actions.

Please for the sake of your Pets, research All reviews on google and Yelp before taking your pet to Town Center Animal Hospital. We hate this place! Unfortunately, we are not the only ones who have had the "Cancer scare tatic" used on us. Like Matt on the previous review, my husband and I were also told our dog had Cancer when he did not.

We regret more than anything our decision to trust Dr. Stewart. She told us our dog likely had cancer and would need chemo or medication to prolong his life. She ignored pathology reports and records in which the Pathologist had stated that there was no concern for Neoplasia - which ruled out cancer. We trusted her to do the right thing and to provide us with the best options and most preventative measures, like medication first. Instead she put our pet through an unnecessary and very expensive surgery, which left him with huge, sloppily stitched scars. The recovery process our pet went through because of her Assumptions was nothing less than heartbreaking.

Our pet never had cancer or needed chemo or medications to prolong his life. Dr. Stewart failed our pet and us. It is extremely disappointing that in all her years of experience, she made such a huge mistake! Furthermore Management is extremely unprofessional, condesending and lack any integrity and responsibility for their actions. We will Never recommend Town Center Animal Hospital ever!

Value for moneyMoney comes first.
Service & supportHorrible Service, No Support
QualityLacks Quality
Overall ratingFair

  • Friendly staff
  • Manipulate patients for their financial benefit, expensive, uneducated

I'm very disappointed with this clinic, I looked for a reputable vet around my area and decided to try TCAH. My newly rescued dog had an upper respiratory infection which I needed antibiotics for. I took him in for bloodwork just in case ruling out any other complications. The vet told me he had swollen lymph nodes and it is cancer so we should act immediately. Of course hearing my new puppy and the word cancer I want to test and do what I can. Needless to say, it was not cancer.

Now of course they wanted to do bloodwork and urinalysis testing, but they did not ask me what I wanted instead they scared me into telling me since it's not cancer he probably has organ failure. They ran many tests that I wasn't even aware of until I got the bill.
I finally didn't have an answer, so I went and talked to another vet clinic and my puppy was diagnosed with kennel cough. The new clinic felt so bad for the hundreds of dollars I shoveled out to TCAH that they gave me a free exam and round of antibiotics.
I warn those who use TCAH! Although they have a very friendly staff, they over charge and over treat! Do not allow them to scare you into having more testing done.

Value for moneyVery expensive
Service & supportUnethical
QualityDiagnosed my dog with cancer when it was only kennel cough
Overall ratingFair

  • I would recommend this business
  • Great Prices

I work with different Animal Rescue organizations and Town Center Animal Hospital is very good to us. Their Spay and Neuter rates are low and we need to save every penny to help as many animals as we can. Oh and their shots are only $10 each. The docs are all really nice too.

Value for money
Service & support
LocationThey are located in Summerlin which is close for me.
Overall ratingExcellent