Established in 1995 by three left handed veterinarians with a dream to provide the finest in specialty veterinary medicine to the veterinarians, pets and pet owners of the Greater DC Area, SouthPaws supplies all-under-one-roof compassionate, multidisciplinary, and comprehensive specialty and emergency care.

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  City Fairfax , VA
  Zip Code 22031
  Address 8500 Arlington Boul
  Phone Number (703) 752-9100

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Good Doctors!
  • Expensive, unnecessary tests required!

South Paws provided good care, however, I had to go to a different vet after they kept insisting on repeated tests and exams. I felt I was being gouged, as the tests were not necessary and expensive.

I base this on my dog is 15+, has terminal cancer, and is on meds to help his quality of life. He still has a good quality of life, isn't in any pain, and we're doing everything we can to give him as long and happy time we have left with him. There is nothing else we can do, and every day is a blessing. They gave him 3 months, and it's been over a year now. He's a great dog, full of life, and isn't ready yet. When he is, he'll let us know.

To require tests, which cost hundreds of dollars each time, when it will do nothing, tell us nothing and accomplish nothing, other than improve their bottom line, is not right. The new vet informed us there is no requirement for this, and they agree it was of no value, and they wouldn't do that. Just a difference in business strategy.

I don't want to take away from their medical services, they did a fine job treating him, but I'm getting better care, with more compassionate staff, at a better price elsewhere.

Value for moneyI felt I was being forced unnecessary tests!
Service & supportNo complaints on doctors services and staff.
QualityThey gave my dog good care.
LocationThey are convenient to get to.
Overall ratingAverage