Our entire staff is dedicated to developing an important, lasting health care partnership with you by earning and keeping your trust. With our wide range of services and extended hours for routine and urgent care appointments, we are able to provide all the care your pet needs, when they need it the most.

We realize there are many alternative providers of animal health care services in the Roanoke area, but our staff's professionalism, dedication to service, and enthusiasm for excellence will make your visit a rewarding, unique experience. We understand the special role your pet plays in your family and are dedicated to becoming a valuable partner in your pet's health care needs.

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Products & Services

Pain Management and Mobility Rehabilitation

Chronic pain is cruel. It strikes pets of any breed, at any age. Some pain such as that from a wound will subside with medication and in time as the body heals, but chronic pain will never be cured. Our pets often suffer in silence only showing symptoms of "slowing down" which is often misunderstood for normal aging. Pets will endure more pain than humans can withstand. The most common chronic pain we see in practice is arthritic pain caused by degenerative changes in bones and joints. As owners, we need to be closely monitoring our pets so that we can implement a pain management program quickly.

Weight Management and Nutrition

Pets with a healthy weight live a longer, better quality of life. As pet owners, we can control what and when our pets eat. Proper nutrition is vital for our pet to function properly. Adequate exercise is the cornerstone to having a healthy weight and normal mental health. Our pets depend on us to give them exercise and to make sure they are not overfed or fed the wrong foods. Some weight issues are made worse by underlying health issues. Thyroid disease, heart disease, arthritis, Cushing's disease, diabetes and lung disease can greatly affect our pet's ability to maintain a normal weight or maintain reasonable activity. We will work with you to begin a healthy weight management program.

Behavior Counseling and Success Strategies

Behavior issues rank as one of the leading causes for bringing pets to the shelter or owners considering euthanasia in an otherwise healthy pet. Often owners do not realize that Behavior issues can be changed. All pets have the potential to exhibit behavior that may be stressful to an owner or give us concern that our pet is not healthy or happy. Many behaviors may be frustrating to deal with. The good news is that we can help!