This hospital was set up in 1982 to supply quality services for animals in Covina and surrounding areas. Some of the services we supply include surgery and hospitalization, dentistry, vaccinations. Our very experienced team has more than 24 years of knowledge and is among the most skilled and knowledgeable in the region. We understand the requirements of your pet.

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  City West Covina, CA
  Zip Code 91791
  Address 1414 S Azusa Avn
  Phone Number (626) 919-7661

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  • This hospital refuses to take responsibility for their vet's mistakes

Because today's world offers so many choices, you're here today to decide whether or not this veterinarian is the right choice to entrust with the care of your furry kids, and because you're so concerned about this, let me tell you about my own experience with South Hills Animal Hospital in the hopes that you never go through the same nightmare I've been forced to live for the past eight years.

You see, it all started in 2008 when I took my boy, Race, there, who is known as a cryptorchid cat, because his testicles did not descend into place like most males. It required a special operation in which the surgeon enters the abdomen to remove their testicles--an operation that costs four times what a typical neutering costs. And believe me, the money would have been well worth the extra cost, if only, that is, the surgery had been performed correctly, because removing these hidden testicles not only stops them from "marking" their territory and acting aggressively toward other cats in your home but because it eliminates the well-known increased risk of testicular cancer that occurs when they are left inside the abdomen.

After the surgery, all seemed well for a while, but in time Race began again to exhibit all his old male tendencies, like marking and acting aggressively toward my other three cats, all females four years older than him. For years, this put me in a terrible dilemma: I was unwilling to abandon Race to anyone else because I feared they would just get rid of him when he began to "mark" up their home, too. But how to protect the girls was another huge priority, especially because I had been forced to take all three of them at various times for vet care for life-threatening abscesses they had received from Race's bites.

Then came an unexpected turn of events: A few months after I had even gone so far as having Race's canine teeth filed down to minimize any further damage, I felt a lump in his belly that felt strangely like testicles to me. Naturally, even the new vet I had been taking him to was reluctant to believe it was anything more than a typical growth that he believed could be removed. But when he operated, what do you think he found? That's right, a testicle--a testicle with a tumor attached to it.

But sadly, when I informed South Hills that the operation that had been performed some eight years ago had been botched and that I had been living with the negative results of said operation, I was told that the doctor who had performed the surgery no longer worked there and that they did not believe they were responsible for any costs accruing from Race's non-neutered condition. Now comes the part that involves anyone who is considering taking their pets to South Hills: What South Hills told me totally flies in the face of California law, which states the hospital is in fact responsible for any actions performed by their doctors, which requires the hospital and not the individual doctor, to make restitution for any damages resulting from malpractice cases like this.

Then to make matters worse, within six months of his surgery, Race's health deteriorated to the point that he stopped eating, and after he became so weak, I had to reluctantly consent to letting my boy go. And even though I informed South Hills Animal Hospital of Race's death, they have yet to offer any form of restitution in this matter, and as of this writing, my legal counsel is still awaiting some explanation as to why they insist on dragging their feet in a matter that is so cut-and-dry in terms of malpractice. We have in our possession a signed certificate of sterilization, signed by the original doctor, but which is refuted by the eyewitness testimony of another vet who has provided written documentation of his having removed a tumor-laden testicle from Race's abdomen; and we have the post-mortem biopsy confirming that Race was the unfortunate victim of cancer in his spleen, his liver, and various other organs. Yet in blatant defiance of all these facts, South Hills Animal Hospital of West Covina still refuses to reimburse me in my loss, and as time goes by, it seems less and less likely that it will happen.

That said, the only question that remains is: Do you want to take a chance on taking your furry kids to a vet who, if they do make the kind of mistake that all humans are prone to make, refuses to make restitution? If not, then you now know the name, address, and phone number of the place to avoid at all cost, and I do mean "cost" in every sense of that word.

I hereby testify that the above statement is true and entirely factual.

W. Kent Smith

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