There's something new to bark. Dr. Mike Hatcher has recently opened a new state of the art veterinary hospital near I-24 and Sam Ridley Parkway. Dr. Hatcher grew up in the N Rutherford county community he now serves. After a brief time away from the area with education, and a time working with a fast paced, high case load practice he has returned with his wife and kids to cover the community with anew approach and dedication to pet care for North Rutherford County.

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  City Smyrna , TN
  Zip Code 37167
  Address 10579 Cedar Grov Rd
  Phone Number (615) 459-0802

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Not punctual, very rude, very poor service

This was a terrible experience. Firstly, they don't open on time, they're rude, you don't even get to meet the veterinarian, and they advertise low prices but when they get you in, they estimate more than double their advertised price and try to make you feel like you're not giving your pet the best care if you don't pay top dollar.

Value for moneyThey don't deserve one star
Service & supportThey don't deserve one star
QualityThey don't deserve one star
LocationIt's ok
Overall ratingPoor

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Good area
  • Your animal could be in danger and not get the right treatment

I picked Premier Vet to take my 9 month old Buffy to because they had gotten such great ratings and they are very close to were we live to I thought it was a win win! When we got there Buffy was throwing up, soft stool, wouldn't eat and lethargic. They did a fecal test first thing and said that it came back fine. They took her temp but never told us what it was. I guess they thought she might have a bowel obstruction so they did x-rays and nothing really came back expect a little area that they thought was gas. Here is the problem, I am not a vet they are so even know my baby had her shots I was told by others that they still should have done a parvo test on her which never even came up.

They sent her home with nausea meds and said she needed to take them for her upset stomach and if she wasn't any better to come back and they would have to do a die ultrasound test to make sure that she didn't eat something that couldn't be seem by the x-ray. Well my baby left the vet and 10 hours later we were rushing her to the ER vet because she was passing major blood and was so lethargic she couldn't hold her head up. As soon as we walked in and saw the stool with blood they knew it was parvo. It makes me mad that so many signs were there and they never tested her for parvo. This is such a brutal illness and time is so important. If they would have tested her and we could have started treatment earlier maybe Buffy wouldn't be fighting for her life now. I called and left a message Friday morning after it happened and the vet never called me back. When emailed them that afternoon and told them my frustrations they emailed me back after they had left and said that they were really busy with emergency cases and didn't have time to call back non- emergency cases. Maybe is was non- emergency to you but my baby having a 50/50 chance of making It is important to me. I emailed again on Saturday and said I would like someone to call me back and still I received no phone call yesterday. So I emailed again last night asking if they lost my number and finally about 11:30am today someone calls me back. Not the vet that treated her but her receptionist.

They wouldn't take any responsibility for what happened and said that the vet (Dr. Letarte) must have not seem enough to think it was parvo. Well a lot of good that does by Buffy right now. I spent 235.00 there that night and it was for nothing. The testing and x-rays that were done wasn't even pointing in any direction that should have been. I don't care if a animal does have his or her shots as a Vet you should know that an animal can still get parvo and when they have most of the symptoms you might want to test them just incase for peace of mind. I would have been more than happy to pay it If it meant my Buffy would have had 10 more hours of treatment instead of being sent home to die. This makes me mad and breaks my heart that. You charged me for bull crap charges so why not do this test just on the off chance that she could have been positive for it.

Service & support
Overall ratingFair