Our new veterinary clinic, built to look like a huge red barn, took six years to design, opening in September of 1994. The design supplies for both patient and human comfort, as well as disease control. We pride ourselves with being an AAHA-certified facility. Established in 1933, AAHA is well known among veterinarians and pet owners for its standards for hospitals and pet health care.

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  City Crete , IL
  Zip Code 60417
  Address 1751 East Exchange Strt
  Phone Number (708) 672-7269

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Short wait. Probably because locals know better than to come here.
  • They dont care about your pet. Only Money.

If I can save even one animal or pet owner from enduring the torture that this cruel money grubbing facility put my best friend of 18 years and I through than the time I spent composing this write up will have been well worth the pain and torture of wiping my tears from my keyboard as I type this. My 18 year male cat was very sick. He vomited for several days and then stopped eating and drinking. At this point I took him to plum creek who treated his pancreatitis 6 months prior. He was very uncomfortable with Dr. Morris as she very roughly tried to examine him while an assistant restrained him by his neck. Never at any time did it appear she was in danger prior to the rough treatment. In spite of this she refused to examine him further and insisted he be sedated before she proceeded because he was "cussing at her". I was a little surprised by this and my instincts told me something was a little off about this "doctor" (I have a hard time calling her that at this point) but in my desperation to ease my animals suffering I agreed. After they finally give him a basic exam (I have been here for 2 hours at this point) she tells me she feels what may be a tumor in his upper GI tract but she isn't sure (common theme with her...no definitive answers. wishy washiness). She suggests an enema may help and that she also has "another idea" as well after the enema. So when he returns from his enema she shows me some Easter grass that came out and suggests that "maybe that is what she was feeling". She suggests I fill out a quality of life form and try to make a decision on my own about whether I should euthanize him or not. I CAME HERE TO PAY FOR HER EXPERT ADVICE AND OPINION AND INSTEAD OF GETTING A STRAIGHT ANSWER I GET A FORM WITH QUESTIONS THAT I AM NOT QUALIFIED TO ANSWER!! When she returns to ask if the form helped me make a decision that is the same answer I gave her. She then states that even though she is concerned about a very serious problem because he has lost a third of his body weight, she thinks if she prescribes an appetite stimulant and we purchase a couple days supply of special food that this may turn him around and says if it was her pet she would at least give it a try. So against my instincts which at this point were screaming at me that something was amiss I paid my 300 dollar bill for sedation, exam, enema, mirtaprizine, and a couple days of food with instructions to return in 2 days if nothing changes (I was a complete mess at this point 6 hours later so I didnt notice they gave me 2 weeks worth of food at a ridiculous mark up and also charged me for the services of employees who "assisted" her???? So now Im paying for the salaries of their employees too????) The meds and food didn't work. I spent the next 2 full days trying to no avail. I waited the full 2 days. I hate myself for trusting her incompetent opinion and waiting that long .I should have trusted my gut cuz I honestly felt like this woman had no idea what she was doing. On Thursday I call and tell them its not working. Dr. Morris is not available but will get back to me shortly. 3 HOURS LATER I finally get a call but not from her. They want me to bring him in for more tests! This time an xray which I am told will cost 300 dollars AND THEY CANNOT GET ME IN TIL TOMORROW!. Meanwhile my little friend is in pain and starving to death so after I tell them this they say "we can do it now but you'll have to hurry and bring him in right now" I tell them Ill call back. My gut is telling me its time to go somewhere else. So after a few calls and some research I find a place that can see him right away and charges LESS THAN HALF what they do for the xray. I go there and this vet (I think of her as an angel from heaven at this point) examines him immediately without issue (or sedation) and within 2 minutes tells me it looks like a fairly obvious case of kidney disease. She says she SMELLED IT AS SOON AS WE BROUGHT HIM IN THE ROOM!!!!!!! We do a blood test and within 15 minutes of walking in the door of this place I find out exactly what is wrong and also that THERE IS NO WAY that any reasonably competent doctor would have advised me to continue to keep this suffering animal alive for even ONE MORE DAY!!! Plum creek animal hospital convinced me (I hate myself for believing them) to treat a terminally ill animal who had less than one week to live in the best case scenario in order to keep him alive for the sole purpose of trying to drain my wallet while charging me severely inflated prices for unnecessary (and in some cases very likely fake) services. I don't know if I will ever get over allowing my best friend to suffer needlessly for two additional days because of my being stupid enough to trust these evil people. If you love your pet do not take them here or to their affiliate business PETVET express in Dyer. read less
- WIlliam M.

Value for moneyWell above average for this area
Service & supportPoor response time
QualityNot ethical
Overall ratingPoor