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  City Denver , CO
  Zip Code 80212
  Address 4170 Tennyson Strt
  Phone Number (303) 433-3291

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  • Everything, you will lose your dog

I brought my 4 month old French bulldog to get spayed. First, they did not ever inform me that 4 months might be a little young for French Bulldogs since they are a high risk dog. While I was filling out paperwork, the receptionist put a star on the "decline blood work" and told me to initial there because it wouldn't matter because my dog was so young anyway. Well I drop my baby off and a few hours later, i get a call saying my dog died on the table. I ask, "how did this happen" and the only answers I got were "I don't know", "it happens", "it happens all the time" and "it happens to humans all the time." There was zero medical reasons to why this could have happened.there was also ZERO compassion from Melody and the dr. From doing research it turns out they do not have the appropriate knowledge or equipment/medications for a high risk dog and that is the reason she died. I have also continued to be harrassed and called a "spoiled little child" by "Dr." Jeff Young. He has been nothing but cruel in this entire situation. I wish I would have never taken her to this horrid place.

Value for moneyYou get what you pay for...
Service & supportHorrible
Overall ratingPoor

  • I would not recommend this business
  • No support at all.n No communication at all

I must start with --I love this clinic for all they do for so many lost animals. But my experience is horrible. I took my old cat in who had an eye tumor. They took him in immediately. When I was called to finally pick him up they just handed me my cat with NO meds, NO instructions, NO paperwork at all. he had his eye tumor,& his eye, all removed, & no pain meds or instructions. Wow! So I waited to speak with a front desk receptionist. She had no idea at all. It was around 4-5pm. Then I said I must have "some" information. She called for a doctor. Well.. the reptile doctor came out and was so so mean & abusive to her--& said my cat was dying & had cancer, threw the papers on the counter & left. OMG..Horrid. Do not go here unless u really have no money. My cat died a week later. These people are not what you see on TV. SO SO upset. PLEASE BEWARE.*****************************************

Service & supportno communication with anyone!!
Overall ratingPoor

  • I would not recommend this business

There is no question that Dr. Jeffrey Young has good intentions with his programs to reduce pet overpopulation, but quality appears to have taken a back seat to quantity when it comes to spaying and neutering animals. He may be a good surgeon but, in my opinion, he cuts important corners to achieve the high numbers. I worry that such shortcuts could potentially compromise the overall health of the animal. To me, good surgery begins with a thorough prep, including brief exam, and goes all the way through full recovery. Dr. Young is also very arrogant with a superiority complex that won't quit. I personally would not take my animal to him.

Overall ratingNot rated

  • I would not recommend this business
  • None-they are horrible
  • Not concerned for your pet, rude, snotty

I've been to see Dr Grossman twice and while I thought she was fine, the front desk staff was always snotty and unhelpful. The girls at the front desk are under the misguided conception that they have no competition and they are the least expensive clinic. These are not just untrue statements, but I would gladly pay more to not be treated in such a rude manner. After asking around the neighborhood I discovered that the owner, Dr. Jeff Young, has his family working at the front desk and they have a horrible reputation for being snotty and rude. I have since heard many other negative comments about this clinic and Jeff Young. In addition, they do not have concern for your animals welfare and do not care about giving pets the care they deserve.

Value for moneyA little lower cost than some, but not worth the bad treatment
Service & supportAbsolutely atrocious
QualityNot concerned with caring for pets
Overall ratingFair