At Pioneer Valley Veterinary Hospital it is our goal to help families to supply the finest care possible for their pets. We supply a complete array of medical and surgical care to our patients and support for their owners in a compassionate environment.

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  City Greenfield, MA
  Zip Code 01301
  Address 571 Bernardston Rd
  Phone Number (413) 773-7511

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Our Veterinary Hospital in Greenfield, Massachusetts is pleased to provide a wide variety of veterinary services for animals in Greenfield. These services include Wellness Exams, Sick Patient Exams, Diagnostics & Surgery plus more.

Pioneer Valley Veterinary Hospital, Inc is proud to serve the Greenfield MA area for everything pet related. Our veterinary clinic and animal hospital is run by Dr. Lisa Underwood, who is a licensed, experienced Greenfield veterinarian. Our team is committed to educating our clients in how to keep your pets healthy year round, with good nutrition and exercise. Pioneer Valley Veterinary Hospital, Inc stays on top of the latest advances in veterinarian technology and above all, remembers that all animals and pets need to be treated with loving care in every check-up, procedure, or surgery.

We are able to fill most all of our patients prescriptions while you wait. For refills we prefer you call ahead at least 24 hours. For animals requiring medication monitoring please make sure you come in for your six month blood work checks well in advance of running out of your pet's medication. We carry the full line of Royal Canin Veterinary Diets, Hills Prescription Diets and Purina Veterinary Diets. We truly believe that nutrition is the key to good health. What your pet eats on a daily basis is an important factor in the health of your pet.

PVVH offers full surgical service including spays and neuters. This is traditionally recommended before the age of six months old, but can be performed at any time. Most of our routine surgical procedures go home the same day. Preanesthetic blood work is strongly suggested for any pet that is undergoing an anesthetic or surgical procedure and is required for any animal over the age of five. Every anesthetic procedure carries some limited risk. Pre-procedural blood work may identify problems that need to be addressed before a surgical procedure, and thus reduce the chance of anesthetic complications.

We do a number of different lab tests in house. We recommend a combination test for dogs that tests for Heartworm disease, Lyme disease, Erlichia Canis & Anaplasmosis. Lyme disease, Erlichia Canis and Anaplasmosis are carried by ticks. We also offer a combination test for cats that tests for feline Leukemia and Aids, which we recommend for outdoor cats, or new kittens and cats that may have been exposed to either virus. We perform fecal analysis to check for parasites in your pet's feces. We can also perform complete blood counts (CBC), Electrolyte monitoring, Thyroid and Cortisol testing and several blood chemistry tests (including preanesthetic blood work) right in the hospital for quicker results.

Just like you see your doctor regularly, dogs and cats should be examined yearly by their veterinarian. Our doctors perform a comprehensive physical exam on your pet. They check your pet's eyes, ears, coat, heart, and overall condition, looking for any changes that might affect your pet's health. Typically at these visits, vaccinations will be performed, and fecal samples may be analyzed for parasites. Also for dogs, the heartworm combination test is done (see in house lab work for more information).

When you are looking for a veterinary care clinic you should be able to count on superior care and excellent service. We at Pioneer Valley Veterinary Hospital, Inc in Greenfield MA have assembled an expert team of veterinary professionals to bring you the best possible healthcare for your pet. We have a state of the art veterinary facility which is clean, comfortable, and efficient. Call 413-773-7511 to schedule an appointment and we will find a time that is convenient for you. At least once a year, you should take your pet in for a comprehensive wellness exam.

Microchipping is used to identify your pet if it ever gets lost. The microchip is so tiny that it fits through a hypodermic needle. Just like a vaccination, it's injected under the skin of your pet where it remains safely for life. The procedure can be done any time (we recommend at the time of spay or neuter) and helps aid in the return of your lost pet. If your pet is found and brought to a vet or animal shelter your pet is checked with a special scanner. If your pet is protected by having a microchip in place, the shelter or veterinary hospital can look up the number and you or your veterinarian is called (depends on how you register).