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Petplex Animal Hospital

Douglas Poorman owner

I am 1997 graduate of The Ohio State University. I enjoy the opportunity to come to work every day and work with a team of professionals that love animals. My passions are emergency medicine and surgery and yet how can you help but enjoy spending time with individuals and discussing the love they have for their pets. Animals truly bring us a joy that is rare in today's world and I enjoy being a part of that.

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If I could give a negative score I would.

Today 7/12/14
I take my family member a female Weimaraner to be seen in an emergency, because she had been acting delusional, hiding and crying under a bed, had a fever, seen by the Doctor, if that is what you can call this woman going by the name of Jessica Williamson, DVM.

Without running a SINGLE test this DVM begins to tell me that it is pyometra and that my dog has 48 hours to live if we do not operate. To give her credit she did at least take a rectal temperature of my baby and a swab (which was not yet looked at!). She sends a tech back in to provide me with estimates of services to be performed.

This “estimate” was for $269.26 and included the exam, cytology, blood work (CBC), and urinalysis. When I question why we need these tests if she wants to operate based off of the swab (not yet looked at), the tech knows not what to say, except she can get the doctor.

Jessica Williamson returns to try to explain to me that even though the swab will confirm to her if this is pyometra, she needs the blood tests to see if her white cells are elevated because of infection. When asked if she plans to operate if the swab comes back for pyometra she said YES. So I asked why then do I need $130 blood work? She had no response. I also asked what is the $42 for urinalysis for? Also her response was that it was no where to be found. I then explained that my concern that the $269.26 estimate did not even include a cure or resolution to my child’s situation! She then says she can have the surgery estimate drawn up, and asks my permission to proceed. I tell her she can proceed with the swab only at this point, as I begin to become emotional and tears begin to fall due to concern for my loved one.

The tech returns with another estimate for $973.47 for the surgery, saying the doctor confirms based off of the swab that indeed the bacteria found was pyometra. She then asks if I need a minute to decide. I tell her yes. As I stare at my sick baby with tears running down my face thinking about the impact $1300 would have on my family at home and the impact that the loss of my dog/child would have on my 3 sons and wife at home. I then begin to use the internet to do research on my phone.

What I find is the following:
Symptoms of PYOMETRA in canines:
Abdominal distention (from an enlarged uterus)
Closed cervix
Lack of appetite
Increased water consumption
Frequent urination
Coming within 4-6 weeks after last heat/cycle
Usually occurring in dogs over the age of 6.

Of all of these items my baby had ONLY one! Her last heat was over 3 months ago and she had just turned 4. She was still eating normal, drinking normal had brief lethargy at most. She had no sensitivity on her abdomen which would show signs of abdominal distention. NONE of this really applied, yet this “Doctor was telling me she had only 48 hours to live if not operated on?

The tech returned asking for my decision. I told her I need to pay for what was done and I would be leaving. I was still crying, for fear that my dog could be dying. She said ok and showed me to the desk.

A member of the staff that shall remain nameless saw my distress and mentioned that I should probably consider going to a different clinic. This made no sense to me at the time, because I was rather emotional. I began to drive around and clear my mind thinking that my dog had very little time left with us. That is when I decided to get a second opinion; after all wouldn’t we do the same if it was us.

I drove to Columbus to Rascal Animal Hospital, did not even mention the previous visit to PETPLEX animal hospital when I arrived. The doctor saw my baby and drew blood work and requested to do an x-ray. I asked why and she came in to see me. She explained that she was not sure if it was Pyometra and wanted to do some testing (blood work) and take a look on the x-ray to see if the uterus was enlarged which would tell her more and help make a diagnosis.

AN X-RAY!!!! Never mentioned by Petplex and sure makes more sense than a urinalysis!

I agreed and she brought me an estimate for worst case scenario if it was confirmed as Pyometra and she would have to have surgery. To my shock it was $360.63 for everything including the X-ray and blood work! I was almost visually angry towards Jessica Williamson, DVM thinking about the nearly $1000 difference in cost.

Upon completing the blood work and X-ray the doctor returned to inform me that it was not consistent with Pyometra, but that she did have an infection, and they would like to proceed by keeping the dog overnight and administering IV medication to treat the infection. And that just to be safe they would be doing a 2nd x-ray after she had a bowel movement and sending it to a radiologist for additional review, just to be safe. I agreed.

Several hours later I received a call from the hospital confirming that it was not Pyometra and that my baby would be able to come home in the morning and that she would recover fully!

I am absolutely disgusted by Jessica Williamson, DVM and Petplex animal hospital. This is clearly an operation taking advantage of the emotions of us pet owners and lovers to try and make a dime, and she is clearly pushing spay/neuter over actually treating our pets. This is sick and I don’t understand how it is allowed to occur. She and all of those associated with this place with the exception of the girl who told me to try elsewhere, should be ashamed of themselves. My anger towards this attempt to take advantage of my pain and concern for a loved one is overwhelming.

I recommend everyone stay clear of this horrible place.

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Customer Testimonials

Dr. Poorman is not our original doctor but when my Maggie was very sick and couldn't walk we had to rush her ok during emergency hours! I am so impressed with them! Maggie has always been terrified at the Vet and they were so good with her! We even got her nails trimmed(which is always difficult) and I was very happy with the price of everything. They even gave us liquid medicine instead of pills so we can actually get her to take them! We will be switching from our original vet to Dr. Poorman now! Thank you PetPlex for caring for my stubborn and loving 15 year old dog!

Our pets have had excellent care from Pet Plex! The staff and Dr's there are excellent and compassionate! We have had nothing but the best experiences! We have used the emergency services as well as had surgeries and routine care and always been impressed with the responsiveness and professional care received at every interaction.

Thank you PetPlex for taking such great care of my moms dog after she was hit by a car today. We called in a panic and you were able to get us right in and keep my mom at ease while taking care of her sweet girl!

They saw us on an emergency basis for our cat that got beat up by another dog. the took great care of out cat, the staff was very professional and courteous. With the great care we received here, we have found a new vet!

Romeo, my 7 year old jack Russell mix had an emergency and he had not been to a vet in 3 years. And his previous vet is hours away. After calling 2 different places trying to get him seen with no luck. I called PetPlex and the receptionist was very concerned listened to me and made me an appt that day. Romeo saw Dr. Poorman who again was awesome! Thank you to everyone! I would recommend PetPlex if you are looking for a place to take your animal. Not only are they competent they CARE! ... And Romeo is doing great!