Perfect Pet Products,LLC has been in the pet care business since 1980. Dr. Steven Hadaway started the business to fulfill the needs of pet owners by developing, and selling specialty items. The first product(patented in 1981) was a unique dual purpose cat carrier/treatment bag (Kitty CARE-e-ertm). This product was sold to veterinarians in the U.S. and internationally. Sales of Shur-Locktm elizabethan collars for sale to U.S. veterinarians was initiated in 1987 to fill the need for a high quality, but more adjustable post surgical collars. Sales of these products continued through the 80's and 90's.

After the sale of his 3 person veterinary hospital in 2000, Dr. Hadaway became increasingly engaged in a long term research project involving AT HOME testing for heartworm, lyme, intestinal worms in all pets, feline leukemia in cats, and worms in horses. Perfect Pet Products,LLC is now developing the Pet Health Checkupsm wellness urine test for dog or cat urination problems at home and/or lawn urine burns. Perfect Pet Products,LLC is the only company doing AT HOME testing in pets. We are years ahead of any potential other companies who may copy us. The only alternative to our testing services is to go a veterinarian, who are all wonderful to your pets and will be needed to treat your pet if they are positive for heartworm, lyme, feline leukemia, etc., however we help you to do the preliminary check for all these diseases at lower costs and a more convenient setting. The great majority of pets are negative. If they are negative, you can save on the trip, time and money.

Perfect Pet Products was created with the mission to offer lower cost pet health care products to pet owners who would like to save money and time by testing their dog, cat and other animals for common diseases that cause serious health risks. At home testing is commonly offered for people testing for a myriad of issues such as diabetes blood testing, pregnancy, DNA (paternity), urinary tract disease, bladder problems, pH testing, drugs, blood typing, alcohol, etc. and is well accepted as reliable, time and money saving tests.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with any of our products, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. Items returned after 30 days are subject to a 20% restocking fee. There are no refunds on opened, damaged, or used kits. No refund of postage and handling fees.

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Customer Testimonials

Thank you, we are very excited about the fecal worm product. Most of my friends are professional k9 handlers and sport dog folks and they do their own vaccinations, suture removal, etc themselves and really appreciate these products. I'm surprised that more companies don't do this. Kudos.

Dr. Hadaway and Perfect Pet Products staff, I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate the service that you provide, almost as much as I appreciate the time and money that I saved. It is nice to know that I can now more easily afford all of the tests that my pets need. Since I live in Michigan I know that my pets are exposed to alot of bugs and other diseases that they carry. You have helped me provide a higher quality care for my pets. I used your test for worms and was very happy with your speedy results.
Thank you