To provide exceptional service, education and attention to assist our customers supply a safe and healthy lifestyle for their pets. PenBay Veterinary Associates is situated on US Route 1 in Rockport at 599 Commercial Street between Camden and Rockland Maine. This website supplies information about our practice, forms to help you and an extensive medical library to search for pet health information.

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  City Rockport , ME
  Zip Code 04856
  Address 599 Commercial St
  Phone Number (207) 594-8300

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  • Incompetent, very quick to suggest drastic measures!

We had a little beagle mix that I found a small lump in her throat. We took her to PenBay who were our vets at the time, and they did a biopsy and found cancer. We were told that the prognosis wasn't good and surgery in that location of her neck was extremely dangerous and unlikely to be successful. We opted to take her to a specialist group that had a surgeon and when they examined her they said it was found when the lump was so little that there would be no problem taking it out. We had the surgery done, they got clean margins all around, our dog had chemo, and almost 4 years later she is still with us and going strong.

We had 4 other dogs at the time and one developed a gagging cough, Dr Lee told us it was basically nothing. Our dog later started coughing blood so we got him in to be looked at. We were called later that day and told that our dog had advanced lung cancer and it would be best to let him go. I didn't feel comfortable with that so we requested a referral to a the specialist in Portland (same one that saved our little cancer survivor). Our dog was doing better by the end of the day, so we brought him home and the next morning took him to the specialist. They re-examined him, did more x-rays and when everything was done we got the diagnosis... a bad case of bronchitis! We came close to putting our beloved dog down because of PenBay's incompetence. Right after this we switched vets. I would NEVER recommend this vet group.

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