We are a full service animal hospital with state-of-the-art medical equipment such as digital radiography, an Ultrasound Machine, a cold laser, and a dental x-ray unit. We only use the safest gas anesthesia available and have top-of-the-line anesthetic monitors that continuously monitor blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen levels to ensure our patients safety during surgery. We also have a complete in-house laboratory that allows us to run blood work and other lab tests on site.

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  • Cash Only, Credit Terms Available, Debit Cards, MasterCard, VISA

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  City San Rafael, CA
  Zip Code 94903
  Address 4140 Redwood Hwy
  Phone Number (415) 499-8387
  Fax 415-499-5738

Customer Testimonials

Thank you all for the excellent service you provided in caring for our Cinder through the years and especially during recent months as she neared the end of her life.

We very much appreciate Melissa's phone message Thursday and are grateful for the kindness and gentle manner shown by Dr Yen and his assistant at our house Friday.

Thanks too, for the lovely flowers we received. We will not forget you.


Dear Dr Walters Jeni and I received notification from UC Davis that you made a donation in memory of Windsor. I have been meaning to thank you for helping us with Windsor. I know through your professional and personal life that you have experienced the sorrow of losing a beloved pet or have had to witness the passing of all too many animal friends. I couldn’t be a vet for that reason. But thank god there are kind and gentle men like you on this earth who have the calm strength to make these difficult times easier for the rest of us. We will always, always remember your benevolence.

Thank you very much for taking such wonderful care of my dog, Sugar, this weekend. She is the joy of my life and means so much to me. I really wanted you to know how much I appreciate and admire your veterinarian skills. I'm sure after 45 years of veterinary work you've seen it all.

She is doing great by the way. Although I'm trying to keep her activity to a more moderate level, she wants to run around as usual. I brought her to my vet in Los Altos Tuesday evening and he removed the bandages and said everything looked great! However, yesterday she pulled out the stitches while I was at work so I brought her back to the vet yesterday evening for evaluation. My vet re-stitched her up with staples and re-bandaged her foot. I'll bring her in on Sunday to take those bandages off. Although she removed the stitches, she's been such a good girl and didn't even try to take off the bandage.

Again, thank you very much for all your help! I was so glas to be able to find such a nice and well experienced doctor like you.

Thank you for recommending Royal Canine dog food for Thomas. It's been three weeks now and I've noticed how shiny and soft his coat is. It really is true...you are what you eat!

Thanks again Dr. Walters!

We adopted Baxter December 2005 when he was about 3 years old. We moved to Marin August 2008 and he seems to be adjusting well indoors. I visited your office before bringing Baxter in and was treated very well and found all your staff to be helpful and friendly. Baxter's first visit went well and his second visit went well too. Every time we have phone contact we are asked how we are and we are asked how Baxter is. That has not been my experience anywhere else that I have gone for veterinary services. I would and will recommend your office to my friends.

Sincerely, Carol Henningsen and Baxter

It's a MIRACLE! My cat Tai is seldom limping now and capable of moving quickly up and down the steps in my condo. This is a delightful change in her behavior. Thank you for the great medical and dental care that contributed to this change. Dr. Hansson and you, along with the contributions of your friendly, competent and concerned staff, have returned to me a truly HAPPY CAT! Thanks to you all! You are gems in the field of animal care.

Cheers, Betty Wallar

I was very happy that I called on a Friday morning and was able to see the vet that same day at 11am. Julian was also able to quote me a few costs on the phone so I knew what I might be in for. The clinic was totally fine -- no other animals in the wait room, which was probably good for my cat! I don't remember the vet tech's name, but she was SO great. My niece was with me that day and I think she now wants to be like her. She was gentle, explained thigns very thoroughly and showed me how to provide all the post-visit care. The next day, they followed up with the heartworm test and the doctor even got on the phone to chat about Frank. I was impressed and felt very taken care of.

Very friendly vet assistants and doctors. I never had trouble making appointments at a convenient time. Everything I needed they gave me. I've brought both of my dogs to them and will be bringing my third pooch here as well. Let's not discuss my family's obsession with animals now though...I'm just glad these kind folks take care of my family's obsession...and the objects of it. Both doctors are attentive, gentle and I go out of my way to bring my pets here. I've also bought several products from them, like doggie toothpaste. If it's not too much trouble to come up to Marin for you (it's 20 minutes from SF and a beautiful drive), I suggest you do it. I never used their hotel service, but they provide one for your pets, and I definitely trust them to take care of my dogs!

I have been taking my animals to Northbay Animal Hospital for over 25 years. I've taken my dogs and cat there and have always received excellent service with very satisfactory results with Dr. Walters and his staff. I would not hesitate to recommend Northbay Animal Hospital to any of my friends.

I've been bringing my dogs to Northbay Animal Hospital for over 25 years and they have all received very excellent care from knowledgeable, caring vets and staff. My girl dog, Meg, was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 5-1/2 and due to the excellent care she received there, she is now approaching her 12th birthday. My experience when needing to know all my options has been respect for my decisions when hard ones need to be made. Tests rule out some possibilities and give needed information for a correct diagnosis. I value the kindness and care all my dogs have received from everyone there and will continue to look to Dr. Walters and Dr. Hansson and every staff member for help with the health of my dogs.

I have nothing but good things to say about Northbay Animal Hospital. I've been bringing my dogs there for many, many years. I even got one from them when she was abandoned there. A few months earlier I had to put one down (Toby). They were all just as upset as I was. Nikkie is a great dog. She was shown to me when I was dropping off Cricket. They are both still very happy and healthy dogs. They just turned 15 and 14 years old.

These people do good work. They all work very hard to keep our pet(s) healthy.

I have been extremely happy with the care that I have received over the past 16 years at Northbay Animal Hospital for my cat and my dog, a Bichon, Molly. I have found the veterinary advice and care to be very sound and have found the staff to be extremely friendly to me at all times over all of these years. I'm a very satisfied client! I am very happy to be able to take advantage of the high-tech ultrasound equipment available at the hospital for my dog. Through abdominal ultrasound diagnosis, the vets at Northbay have been able to monitor my dog's early liver abnormality and, as a result, have prescribed a daily supplement which has greatly improved her liver function, as evidenced by subsequent blood test results. As far as I am concerned, Northbay Animal Hospital is top-notch for pet care! I recently boarded Molly at Northbay, where she was taken care of splendidly.

Thanks SO MUCH for the skunk-be-gone recipe this morning. It worked 100% - amazing since poor Quentin got hit straight in the face from only 2-6 inches away. It really is a great recipe and we really are very, very thankful you were there on the phone at 7:30am to give us such great advice.

Hope you all have a great long holiday weekend.