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Lauridia put my cat on a strict diet of food that was not complete and balanced nutrition. It was, in fact, marked "for intermittent feeding only." According to AAFCO pet food labeling standards, if a food does NOT provide complete and balanced nutrition, it must be labeled "for intermittent feeding only," or similar words. I brought this up to him twice but he assured me the diet was alright, and that I shouldn't give him any dry food at all (I had a bag of renal support dry food that WAS complete and balanced nutrition). He lost 4 lbs. in 4 months, going from 14 to 10 lbs. Lauridia thought this drastic weight loss was OK, joking that he wished he could lose weight like that himself. Next, when I brought him in for constipation he totally missed that he was dehydrated and needed fluid + electrolytes immediately.

I only learned too late that he exhibited EVERY classic sign of dehydration in the book, constipation being one of them. He needed fluids, he needed electrolytes, but he didn't get them. Instead, Lauridia gave him an enema the result of which he declined rapidly within a couple of hours, so instead of bringing him home that day I was strongly advised by him to consent to euthanasia, which I did, thinking it was the kindest thing. Lauridia's technique of euthanasia was so horrific, likely causing unnecessary pain and terror in my pet, and a shock which I will never get over, that I can't describe it fully here. It was not an approved method prescribed by the Humane Society's pdf on pet euthanasia. It looked liked torture, my cat being positioned like a human being pilloried as punishment. And this cat never struggled or resisted or tried to bite or scratch when being handled at the vet's, not once in 13 years.

Lauridia's "care" turned my strong playful healthy cat into a weakened malnourished cat inside of 4 months. I buried my Rudy on Saturday 9/19/2015 in my family's rose garden and ordered a memorial headstone. I live with no one else and have no other pet. I work from home and Rudy and I were together all day every day. Everything in my apartment reminds me of him. BTW, I do have one positive thing to say: The women working at the front desk were always very nice and compassionate.

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