Our goal is to supply the best quality, veterinary medical care for your pet with compassion and professionalism. Our team is a group of well trained, compassionate specialists. We will utilize advanced technological capabilities including surgical laser, therapeutic laser, digital radiography for both entire body and dental imaging, ultrasound, and fiberoptic endoscopy, to supply state of the art diagnostic and surgical treatments.

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  City Milton, FL
  Zip Code 32583
  Address 4282 Avalon Boul
  Phone Number (850) 623-6780

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Welcome to Milton Animal Hospital, where we provide high-quality pet care services for cats and dogs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff uses advanced technology and the latest medical treatments to ensure your pet is both happy and healthy. Be it routine vaccinations or surgery, we care for your beloved animal companion as one of our own. Established in 2003, Milton Animal Hospital is committed to providing the very best in veterinary care for Milton, Florida and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to maintain at all times the very best veterinary practices, professionalism, and compassion.

Dr. Husted and her team will help you keep your beloved pets healthy and happy. Regular thorough physical examinations, vaccinations, parasite screens, nutritional assessment and dental care are some of the things that are crucial to maintaining your animal friends in excellent health. Just like us, our pets become more susceptible to illness as they age. More frequent examinations, laboratory health screens, and imaging with x-rays and ultrasound are additional tools to aid in early diagnosis and intervention so we can enhance the length and quality of life for your pet.

Good oral health is essential to your pet's comfort, nutrition, and overall good health. At Milton Animal Hospital, we provide thorough dental care for cats and dogs. Every dental procedure involves multiple steps to ensure your pet's safety and comfort, and is monitored by our experienced veterinarians and staff. Preparation for your pet's dental procedure is important in ensuring your pet's comfort and safety. Before all dental care, we perform pre-anesthetic bloodwork and administer customized anesthesia.

Milton Animal Hospital takes pride in providing professional, compassionate surgery for dogs and cats. As an AAHA accredited hospital, we meet the highest standards in safety, equipment, and surgical techniques. Laser surgery is also highly effective at performing delicate procedures, such as repairing eyelids and soft palates, as well as removing tumors. Dr. Husted and her experienced team are trained in the use of laser surgery, and recommend the use of laser surgery on a case-by-case basis. Our hospital takes great care to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable throughout surgery.

As a new client at Milton Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing your pet with quality care and excellent services. Our hospital has assembled an expert team of professionals who are both compassionate and knowledgeable. We have a state-of-the-art veterinary facility that is clean, comfortable, and efficient. We provide excellent care, whether it's a routine wellness examination or a visit for a sick pet. Regardless of the type of visit, our experienced veterinarian provides individualized recommendations and discusses all healthcare options in detail.