Wish you could help your dog feel more comfortable, less anxious, stop scratching and smell better? LuLu Belle's Wonder Wear is designed for dogs of all shapes and sizes to feel safe and secure!

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  City Dallas, TX
  Phone Number (214) 532-9090

Customer Testimonials

Testimonial from Lily

Hello there... My name is Lily, and I was recently rescued from a horrible puppy mill. I'm fitting right in with my new family and am happy and healthy at last. The only problem? I live in Florida and I'm TERRIFIED of thunderstorms! At 120lbs I was causing some serious damage, and my new parents didn't know what to do. LuLu Belle's Wonder Wear is finally helping me relax, even when it is raining!
Thanks LuLu Belle!

Testimonial from Enzo

I may be 11, but I'm still Golden thanks to LuLu Belle's Wonder Wear! My skin used to get itchy and irritated all the time, and dad was calling me an old man for hobbling around the house after our walks, but now I'm feeling a second puppy-hood coming on! LuLu Belle to the rescue!
Can we play with the ball now?

Testimonial from Mr. Beast

I may only weigh 5 pounds, but when storms hit my house, I can be a real terror. Thank goodness my people found LuLu Belle’s Wonder Wear. I’m finally feeling safe and secure.

Testimonial from Snowball

Hi! My name is Snowball and I love my Wonder Wear! My mommy and daddy put it on me and within a few days my skin rashes were going away! I don't scratch anymore and I love the smell of the copper in my new garment! But most of all, when my daddy takes me to the dog park all my friends think I look great!
Thanks LuLu Belle!

From Our Website

As Plato said "necessity is the mother of invention", with all due respect to Plato, we humbly submit that both love and necessity together are the mother of invention! When our beloved family dog, LuLu Belle was hurting, LuLu Belle's Wonder Wear was born. As sweet LuLu Belle entered her golden years we began to notice that she had difficulty with mobility. When LuLu Belle's labored walking and difficulty climbing steps was diagnosed as arthritis in her hips, we started looking for options to help ease her discomfort.