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Contact Details

  City Stone Mountain, GA
  Zip Code 30087
  Address 1975 Glenn Clb Dr
  Phone Number (770) 498-5956

From Our Website

Loving Touch Animal Center, located in Stone Mountain, is a full-service veterinary clinic offering contemporary medicine as well as traditional / alternative medicine such as acupuncture, skeletal balancing and additional holistic services. Your pet will receive excellent care from our experienced staff-all with a gentle, loving touch. Get to know Dr. Michelle and the history of integrative medicine in the United States. Listen now. Sign up for updates and discounts exclusive to newsletter members.

Loving Touch's doors first opened over 25 years ago, in Stone Mountain as Atlanta's first holistic veterinary practice. While Loving Touch Anaimal Center specializes in holistic and alternative veterinary medicine, we use an integrative approach towards treating our patients. Integrative medicine is a blend of Western and Eastern philosophy-incorporating the best of both, and then tailoring an approach based on the needs of the individual patient. Although the largest part of the medicine we practice at Loving Touch is Eastern in origin i.e.

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Loving Touch Animal Center offers a variety of surgical options to help treat and maintain the well being of our animal companions. We use a pulse oximeter that allows for proper monitoring of the anesthetized patient and state of the art anesthetics, both inject able and inhalant that have the geriatric patient in mind. Basic - Routine & Orthopedic surgeries. Cryosurgery - Liquid nitrogen is used to remove warts and control/treat some cancers. Dentistry - Loving Touch Animal Center employs an ultrasonic scalar and polisher to maintain healthy oral hygiene.