Dr. Kevin Landau graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1994. He completed an internship at the Mid Atlantic Equine Medical Center, a medical and surgical hospital in Ringoes, New Jersey. For the next three years, Dr. Landau was a primary care horse veterinarian with Burlington Equine in Vermont.

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  City Amherst, MA
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  Address 17 Gulf Road
  Phone Number (413) 256-0055

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Landau Veterinary Services is Belchertown's holistic veterinary clinic. Doctor Kevin Landau and his team have extensive experience in using non-traditional treatment methods to enhance your pet's overall health and well-being. From Acupuncture to low-level laser therapy, from Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine to comprehensive cancer care, we help horses, cats, and dogs with so many health issues. Doctor Landau has years of education and experience and will utilize a wide variety of holistic veterinary medical disciplines to help you honor the love and commitment that you have for your animal.

Dr. Landau is certified in veterinary chiropractic (CVC) by The American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. Dr. Landau will identify the parts of the spine that are not moving as well as they should be by moving the spine, watching your animal move, and observing posture. Chiropractic issues will cause alterations in comfort and nerve conduction leading to the potential for future injury and lameness. Finding and correcting these areas is true preventative medicine. You may notice Dr. Landau pressing on Karla's arm while he works on your dog or cat.

We believe in providing the safest and highest quality holistic veterinary care for your pets and animals, and offer a variety of services to make sure your best friend is brought back to health and happiness. Our staff is here to help with a wide variety of animal issues. Below is a list of services that Doctor Kevin Landau routinely offers to animals. Dr. Landau is certified in acupuncture by The Qi Institute of Chinese Medicine and will perform a thorough Chinese medical history and examination identifying the pattern of imbalance affecting your animal.

The body knows how to heal itself. Westrive to unlock each patient's healing potential by focusing on nutrition, chiropractic health, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbs). We use a holistic, whole animal approach to support all animals, whether struggling with a disease or illness, or seeking to maintain wellness and optimal health. There is nothing more fundamental to the health of our small animals than good nutrition. The secret to good nutrition for most dogs and cats is to recognize that they are carnivores and thrive when they eat unprocessed, meat-based diets.