You can be sure that our animal clinic can deal with most parasitic and food poisoning incidents, injuries and other urgent cases with the most effective and compassionate care. We ask that you contact us prior to your arrival so that we can more effectively take care of your animal. The earlier your pet is tended to, the more positive will be the outcome.

Part of our dedication to your family is ensuring that your animals get the greatest possible compassionate veterinary care at our animal hospital. That's why together with our services as an emergency animal hospital, we provide standard and advanced medical services like preventative medicine, animal dental care, dermatology, orthopedics, surgery, pain management and internal medicine.

We also offer low cost spaying, neutering, microchip IDs, and vaccinations to protect Anaheim's crowded pet population. We can also declaw cats and dock puppies tails. We deliver pet food for specialty diets, whether they are age related or related to specific health problems.

Our animal vet hospital is also fully equipped with the most state of the art animal hospital equipment. Our digital xultrasoundasound, laser therapy, and in-house diagnostics laboratory are completely "with the times," and our veterinarian and staff are completely up to date on using this technology.

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  City Anaheim, CA
  Zip Code 92804
  Address 10712 Katella Ave.
  Phone Number (714) 769-9306

Mind you, I have been to several other places in the Orange County area and no one beats Katella Animal Clinic's kindness, passion, and love for animals.
All the staff is super kind to me and my cats. I am always welcomed and cared for. They always try to accommodate my pets whether it's to see the doctor, to do grooming, etc. I REALLY appreciate how kind they are to my two kitties. Their prices are unbeatable!
Last week I had brought in my cats for a dental cleaning. The receptionists were kind and respectful to my questions. They reassured me that my cats would be fine. A couple hours later I got a call from the doctor and was super pleased with his patience with me. He explained that he had extracted a couple teeth and that they would be going home with some pain management and antibiotics. I came to pick them up and the same receptionist was there and explained everything to me once again. My cats had beautiful teeth! Very very good job by the clinic! My cats were perfectly fine after and better than ever!

Not only are they kind to my pets but they also have big hearts for rescued animals. I had recently chimed in on a conversation at the clinic and found out that they deal with several rescues for cats and dogs! One of the transporters was saying that several rescued pets come from the shelter and they are transformed completely after they come to Katella Animal Clinic. The rescued pets are taken care from A to Z.

It is amazing to see that there are still good people out there and Katella Animal Clinic definitely has them!

Super proud to call them my FAMILY before VET!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would not recommend this business
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  • Death of your beloved animal

Please Do Not Take YOUR PET HERE
I did a working interview at this place several years ago (didnt take the job based on pay rate) and gave them a call since my normal vet is out til the 16th.

Absolutely shameful. Took my dog in with bloodwork, xray and an urine analysis from another vet not even 24 hours from one another my dog is DEAD after 10 years of COMPANIONSHIP

Dr. Saleeb/ Eva said the bloodwork showed on the high side regarding liver and highly suggested both a liver medication & another type of antiobiotic because the one prescribed less than 24 hours ago wasn't strong enough.

They also said my dog WAS strong enough to withstand surgery and said it was a good idea to high risk sedate my 10 year old pug to remove to kidney stones that had previously blocked his urination...that it would be okay, they had done this SO many times before..i had to sign to waivers one because he was old and another because of his breed which is a Pug

So EVA hops on the phone and has to schedule the surgery with another doctor because Dr. Salleeb doesn't know how to do the procedure.

Dr. Salleeb verbally told me in the office on Friday evening that he wouldn't be able to do it because the dog wouldn't have enough recoup time on Saturday that it would have to be Monday.

Super confusing experience from start to finish.

EVA wanted to board my dog overnight which is unnecessary considering there's NO ONE there to watch or tend to the animals. (Really bc they wanted that $$$$)

She told me because of his age they would start the IV first thing in the a.m. etc.

I called at 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning to see if Iv fluid had been started. PER EVA it had not been started and would tentatively be started within the next 30 minutes being 9oclock. Not sure why my dog needed to be boarded over night when no one is there and fluids weren't started as previously discussed.

TRUTHFULLY they ran my card for the procedure in full that evening over the phone. I was there for 3 hours discussing in circles with Dr. Saleeb and EVA.

They were suppose to give my dog his liver medication and other medication which they profusely advised me getting for him.

Got home and noticed after I picked Bruno up neither package had been opened and neither medication had been administered even though they were SO adamant about his liver function.

They wanted me to leave my dog over night in a metal cage and act like they were doing me a favor by boarding him overnight.

*****EVA advised me the clinic would be charged if I didn't show the next day for surgery*****

EVA gave zero discharge instructions but managed to charge me 93 dollars worth of dog food for my dog that is now DEAD..AND overcharged me for it.

They also gave him a bath and trimmed his nails and charged me for it..

This place is DEADLY STAY AWAY

Save your MONEY & yourself some HEARTACHE

I'm more than happy to attach invoices since that's the only paperwork I got from the high risk procedure

EVA also advised to take my dog to hospital or home my call

If you love your pet you'll go to someone who does too..this place DOES NOT CARE

Value for moneyBeyond what was quoted
Service & supportReceived no discharge instructions post op
QualitySent my dog home under anesthesia to weed shops and a bar
Overall ratingPoor

  • I would not recommend this business

Our normal healthy dog passed away after one night boarding at the clinic. While we're still waiting to test his blood to check for anything suspicious, the fact is that only the vet tech (I believe his name was as Danny) was helpful. He was empathetic, and very helpful and caring.

The nurse or whoever she was seemed to think I was being unreasonable about being upset about not only a normal dog dying suddenly while in their care, but also because I was angry that she seemed to think "I don't know, maybe it was just god" was an acceptable answer. Her only concern seemed to be trying to make sure that they looked as innocent as possible - calling my dog "frail" (he wasn't), and referring to him as the "old German Shepherd" and saying she hadn't seen shepherds live past 14 - my dog was only 8.

Whether they were negligent or not (we're still waiting to see), she was terrible, and the fact remains that my dog died overnight while in their care. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.

Service & supportOnly Danny the tech was good.
Overall ratingPoor

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Staff is friendly
  • Doctors have horrible customer service

The staff was very nice; however the doctors were very negligent of my dog's care. He was supposedly was diagnosed with Kidney failure, and within 2.5 days his blood work found no source of poison or illness. He had two x-rays and not once did a doctor call me regarding their findings, he was hospitalized for two days and for TWO WEEKS he received medication and would not eat.

By the eigth day I met wtih Dr Saleeb whom came across arrogant stating he had decided what treatment my dog should have, and within the 5 minutes we spoke he asked me three times "how old is baby?" (That is not my dog's name and and did you hear me when I responded to your question the first two times?) He sent me home with another $155 dollars of medication to help him eat, which made his situation worse. After spending over $1200.00 I decided to take him to another hospital.

At the Garden Grove Dog & Cat hospital they took an X-ray in which they discovered it was a fruit pit that was lodged in his intestine, blood work was received within two hours and he went into surgery by that afternoon. My dog was only hospitalized for two days and is now FINALLY recovering at home. I ended up paying less at Garden Grove Dog & Cat Hospital than Katella Anaheim Clinic. KATELLA ANIMAL CLINIC PUT MY DOG'S LIFE IN JEOPARDY

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingPoor

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Beware of your dog getting sick in their kennels - They are cheap but beware!

We have boarded our two dogs in the past at this clinic and we were satisfied. However this past week we boarded them for 5 days and the day we picked up our dogs our smallest one started wheezing and coughing in the car. We thought it was just a fluke and went home, but it got worst over the weekend and Tuesday morning he started to vomit. We called this clinic to find out what happened while he was there and spoke to Eva the manager said he was fine when he was there but to bring him back so they could check him, the only problem is they are a 45 minute drive away and we couldn't get off work early enough to make it and honestly I wasn't comfortable taking him there so we took him to a vet that he has been to before that is more local to us.

They examined him and said he had a 104 fever and was very dehydrated and was diagnosed with bronchial pneumonia. I couldn't believe it, he was fine when we dropped him off at the Katella kennel and he came back deathly ill. We were given two antibiotics, they had to put him on a iv and we are praying he recovers. I spoke back with Eva and they are denying any responsibility for our dog getting sick. How else would this have happened. He was there for 5 days....then all of sudden he has a virus? Eva kept denying he got sick there and said he probably got it from us...she also said that no other dogs were sick but that doesn't mean a dog can't be a carrier of the virus. She also said we should have brought our dog to them first and they would have not charged us as much and would have just done a exam and given medication. She said xrays are not needed it is just a way for a vet to make money. Really??? How would you know what to treat if you don't know what it is? The vet that treated our dog agreed that logically he did get sick there cause it takes 5-7 days for the illness to expose itself...

We dropped him off Monday, picked him up Saturday, was at the vet on Tuesday. But now it's our word against theirs. We paid close to $300 for the Katella kennel and $400 for medical treatment all in one week. I am so upset with the Katella Clinic...I am going to call them again today to plead my case but I cannot trust them anymore I will never take my dogs to them again. I would rather pay the higher price at a Petsmart than Katella again. You do get what you pay for.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingPoor

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Please Note: For the safety of all parties, we are now offering curbside services. Please call 714-584-6745 when you arrive and await further instructions regarding your pet's appointment. We appreciate your patience and cooperation at this time.

For the last 30 years, Katella Animal Clinic has strived to provide exceptional client service and veterinary health care to the community of Anaheim, CA. We aim to maximize and enrich the human-animal bond by developing long-term client-patient relationships as our relationship with you sets the foundation for a lifetime of pet care. We, at Katella Animal Clinic, feel we display an unrivaled commitment to our clients through premium veterinary medicine, cutting edge services, the most advanced technology and most importantly, providing compassionate care to all pets entrusted to us.

Preventative procedures that are frequently associated with wellness exams include fecal exams and heartworm testing. These tests detect the presence of parasites within our furry friends that may be diminishing their quality of life. We believe that vaccines are an important part of preventative medicine but we also realize that not every animal will have the same vaccination needs. Our low-cost vaccines provide the opportunity for our patients to receive the care they need at a price they can afford.

Routine grooming is also a great way to check for any abnormalities that might signify a health problem. Our dog and cat groomers are trained by the veterinary hospital to look for early signs of cancer, unusual growths, weight loss and other signs that could indicate that your pet is ill. A regular groom at the animal vet clinic by our dog groomer or cat groomer will also cut down significantly on shedding and pet care at home. The dog grooming services we provide here at the animal hospital include a warm bath with coat conditioner followed by a hand dry with warm air.

Our caring and compassionate veterinary staff will make sure your pet receives plenty of one-on-one attention, interactive playtime, long walks and nutritious meals. While our ‘pet resort' is filled with all the loving comforts of home, we know that just like humans, pets can sometimes get homesick. Does your pet have a favorite toy? A special treat? You are welcome to bring any comforts from home to our animal vet clinic that will help your pet relax while you are gone. We request that you label these toys so we can be sure they return home with your pet when the visit is over.