Coddingtown Veterinary Clinic is proud to have served the wonderful pet owners of Santa Rosa and Northern CA since 1968. Our outstanding team is ready to answer your questions 7 days a week, and doctor's appointments are available MWF and Saturday.

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Pets are sentient beings just like us. They have precious souls, one-of-a-kind personalities and individual needs. Shouldn't the health care you choose for your animal family member be just as unique as he or she is? At Wise & Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center, we sure think so! In fact, we believe in customized care that treats the whole animal - body, mind and spirit. Our services incorporate the best of Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine to provide the most balanced treatment available in the Santa Rosa and Sonoma County area.

Keeping your animal companion happy and healthy requires more than just love. It takes time, attention and commitment to maintaining his or her wellbeing through every stage of life. To accomplish this, you need a partner. Someone who will care for your pet's health and wellness as much as you do. The team at Wise & Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center would be honored to fulfill that important role in your pet's life. Our services are extremely comprehensive and merge the best of both Western medicine as well as Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine based therapy options.

Laser therapy is a painless, non-invasive treatment option that works by stimulating the body's natural healing and pain control response. Through this innovative technology, your loved one can enjoy less pain, better mobility and faster recovery periods. It can be used as a standalone therapy or as a complement to other treatment methods. Because every pet is different, their response to the therapeutic laser is equally unique. Depending on your loved one's specific condition, its severity, and a number of other determining factors, our recommended treatment strategies will vary.

At Wise & Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center, you can expect state of the art medical care for your four-legged companions. We believe in nurturing the human-animal bond and creating a harmonious relationship between people and animals. You can expect to be greeted by a courteous receptionist, clean exam rooms, friendly doctors, and caring technicians. We appreciate the role we get to play in your pet's health care. If you have any questions or comments about how we can care for your pet, please contact us to-day at (707) 546-4646.

Bringing a family member in for surgery is never easy, whether two-legged or four. At Wise & Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center, we know exactly what you're going through because we're pet owners too. We'll do whatever it takes to ensure that your loved one's procedure is as stress-free as possible. Our surgical care begins with comprehensive preoperative screening, which helps us to reduce the risk of complications for your pet. We'll also develop a safe, effective plan to keep your companion comfortable and pain-free - before, during and following surgery.

We want to hear from you! Our goal is to consistently deliver the best available patient care and exceptional client service, and your valuable feedback helps us to both achieve that goal and to communicate the value of our services to others. Please also consider leaving feedback about your experience here so that others may learn more about the quality of our care. We appreciate it!

Despite what you may have heard, stinky breath isn't something that pet owners simply must learn to live with. To the contrary, it's probably a sign that your pet needs to visit the dentist. Without proper care, an animal's mouth can become a haven for bacteria, which can spread through the bloodstream and cause a number of other health problems. Left untreated, dental disease can even shorten your pet's life. The professional dentistry services at Wise & Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center include both routine, preventative care as well as advanced treatment for existing oral conditions.