We at Jefferson Animal Hospital know that your pets are very special to you -- and we believe that they deserve the highest levels of care. The primary emphasis here at our Baton Rouge veterinarian is customer satisfaction. We want for both you and your pet to have a great experience here: In fact, our motto is that we are the animal hospital "For Pets That Don't Get Treated Like Animals!"

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  City Baton Rouge, LA
  Zip Code 70809
  Address 8774 Jefferson Highway
  Phone Number (225) 372-3820

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Yorkshire Terrier with periodontal disease was seen at Jefferson Animal Clinic for numerous years and had numerous dental cleanings and extractions performed there over the years. Upon our last visit year 2011, my pet had 8 extractions. We were told that there was 1 tooth that there was not enough bone to extract the tooth without breaking the jaw. JAC would think of what should be done and get back with me. Well we never heard back. My dog was sent home with pain meds but no antibiotic. Within a week or so my dog, was pushing his face on the ground, with pain, so I decided to take to another vet for evaluation. I had paid JAC $813.00 already. Upon evaluation of the new vet, my dog was found to have an Oronasal Fistula-which s a where the gum or tooth is so diseased it is has a hole that leads to the sinus cavity. He had numerous additional teeth with exposed roots which needed to come out. He had large suture knots that needed were hurting him, that needed to be removed from his previous dental surgery. It cost me $600.00 more dollars to get him to where his mouth should be, with no infection. The new vet implanted artificial bone, and the bill did not exceed that of JAC. I feel that Jeff Animal Clinic didn't evaluate him, didn't do the xrays they charged me for, didn't do what they should have, to leave my dog in such a bad predicament, and have taken my money for doing so. I have requested a refund, but will probably not see a dime. Don't go there! For shots ok, nothing else! We are not going back!

Value for moneyOvercharged.
Service & supportDid not evaluate situation.
QualityDid not provide services needed.
Overall ratingFair