I'm Dr. Marc Bittan DVM., a veterinarian specializing in holistic healthcare for your pet cats and dogs. My office is situated in Los Angeles, California, but, wherever you're in the world, through this website you'll find details of the services I offer, as well as the holistic remedies and treatments I recommend for your pet.

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  City Los Angeles , CA
  Zip Code 90064
  Address 11673 National Blvd
  Phone Number (310) 231-4415

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  • Dr. Bittan is a well rounded highly educated experienced holistic vet.

I love Dr. Bittan. He is an amazing, compassionate, honest, "highly" intelligent -well rounded veteranarian with a "gentle" bedside manner. He is very direct and to the point. He always has a treatment plan for your pet's condition and each plan is "individualized" based on diagnostic lab results, symptoms, and his expertise. If plan A does not work he has a plan B, C etc. If he believes he needs to think about a treatment plan he will.... but 99.9% of the time, he has the immediate anwer. He focuses on both preventative and pro-active medicine for your pet's health. He uses various protocols such as herbal and homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, chiropractic and accupunture.
He treated my lhasapoo dog for allergies, immune system disorder, and a spinal stroke. I literally would drive 61/2 hours one way for a 45 minute accupunture appointments for his spinal stroke. My dog's condition was so severe that Dr. Bittan actually did not think my dog would walk again.

From his accupunture treatments and remedies my dog did walk and lived another 6 months. I had a kid goat that had a injured leg and could not stand on it. I again drove 6 1/2 hours one way to see Dr. Bittan with my goat. Dr. Bittan was so cute and gracious. He told me he had not treated a goat since med school (1987-20+years later). Well, he did accupuncture on that kid goat and he has full use of his leg. Dr. Bittan is not egotistical. He chimed in when I had an urgent situation my with other dog who was 16 hours away fromDr. Bittan's office and on IV's for 25% renal failure. Dr. Bittan provided the remedy recommendations necessary. She did live with the best care and prayers... Gratefully, my animals have been healthy. I always recommend Dr. Bittan to anyone regardless of their geographical location because I know he does his phone consultations. He is so great I wish he could be my personal doctor because the remedies he uses are human friendly. I have only positive words to say about this fine man. Also, his office assistant is very gracious, compassionate and kind too.

Value for moneyRates are fair.
Service & supportHe and his assistant are service minded.
QualityHe renders only quality service.
Overall ratingExcellent