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  City Portland , OR
  Zip Code 97239
  Address 6359 Southwest Capitol Hiwy
  Phone Number (503) 246-4660

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  • won't write prescription, vet was rude, expensive

Veterinary doctor Robert Flecker of the Hillsdale Veterinary Group in Portland did a well-cat examination on my cat on 02-27-10 and found that my cat had a hyperactive thyroid. He prescribed felimazole 2.5mg twice daily. We had additional follow-up blookwork done 04-16-10 that revealed per Dr. Flecker's return phone call to me on 04/19 that Oreo's thyroid was now underperforming and after talking with the doctor he recommended we lower the dose by half, which i agreed to, and do follow up blood work later. In trying to seek some cheaper medicines, i found methimazole at for about 75 percent less than the prescription we bought from the vet.

At the vet, we paid $39 for 60 2.5mg tabs. I can get 90 5mg tabs for $40 at this website, and have all the proper tools to split the pills into the recommended 1.25 dose as prescribed by Dr. Flecker. I placed an order with Petmeds. com, but then received a voicemail from the vet clinic indicating it's not their policy to issue prescriptions externally to any pharmacy, and that they can match the price. I agreed, as that seems fair, and said I would come pick them up. One day later, I received another message from the vet's clinic indicating that the doctor didn't think I could accurately split the pills into the required dose, so he would recommend 2.5mg tabs.

I called the vet's clinic back and asked the assistant if they, then, would give me 180 2.5mg pills, as that would be matching the price. The assistant told me to hold, and then the Dr. Flecker picked up the phone, obviously had his feathers ruffled, and rudely told me that I wasn't taking care of my cat, that he would not write the medication prescription, and that I should find another vet because he doesn't want to work with me. Then he hung up on me, mid-sentence.

Value for moneyPetmeds dot com was 80% less
Service & supportThe vet hung up on me
Overall ratingFair