Set up in 1996, Greener Pastures is a complete-service veterinary practice serving the requirements of huge- and tiny-animal customers. Our new, 7,500 square foot, state-of-the-art facility opened in 2003 establishing our capability to cover the tiny animal community and to supply a broader range of solutions to our equine and dairy customers.

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  City Saegertown , PA
  Zip Code 16433
  Address 16257 Us Hiway 6 And 19
  Phone Number (814) 333-4241

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Local
  • Highly expensive, overly profit-driven, calls not returned until close to closing time....if at all.

As I write this, I am BEYOND livid! I took my cat to Greener Pastures because she suddenly refused to eat and started vomiting everywhere, even after she had absolutely nothing left in her stomach. In spite of the fact that the cat had gone to Greener Pastures six months ago for a lesser version of the exact same symptoms, the vet insisted that I should have X-rays and blood work done again. And again, neither of these expensive procedures did anything but cost me money.

The vet suggested leaving my cat over-night, which I did. I called the next morning at 9, as I was instructed, and a put-upon technician informed me that the vet would call me back, probably around 11. At FOUR THIRTY, the vet finally deigned to call, and informed me that the cat still wasn't eating or defecating, but if I wanted to take her, "maybe (I'd) have better luck feeding her at home". (WHAT?!?!?!?) I wanted her WELL, not in the same life-threatening condition she was in when she arrived! I was so outraged at Greener Pasture's heartless profiteering that my partner stepped in and handled things from there. He let them keep the cat another night, and picked her up late the next day. To my astonishment, they'd talked him into ANOTHER set of X-rays because they claimed they reviewed the first x-rays and thought they saw a hairball! And surprise, the new x-rays showed NOTHING! And she STILL wasn't eating or defecating!!

Long story short: We gave over SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS to Greener Pastures, and have NOTHING to show for it. The cat still won't eat, still won't defecate, and keeps getting weaker and weaker. SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS later, and we're still watching our cat die!!!! Greener Pastures is closed today, but they do have an emergency number. The question is, however, what good would it do to call them?!? Would they come up with yet another expensive, inconclusive diagnostic test??? Another random guess diagnosis?? Another lucrative over-night stay that accomplishes nothing except sparing us the heartbreak of watching our animal suffer in front of us??

We tried to get our cat to another vet, but it is Saturday, and the few who weren't closed didn't have an opening. I hope my cat isn't dead before business hours on Monday.

Value for moneyVery expensive, and you'll be expertly guided to spend even more.
Service & supportVets take all day to call with updates or answers to questions.
Overall ratingPoor