Green Oaks North Pet Hospital is located in north Arlington on N.E. Green Oaks Boulevard. Our medical facility is a fully equipped veterinary hospital providing both routine and major surgeries, pet dentistry, radiography, diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of illnesses. In addition, our hospital has a full, on-site laboratory to aid in providing prompt diagnosis and treatment, and a boarding and grooming facility.

We are a member of the American Animal Hospital Association. We strive to deliver high quality veterinary care as well as upholding certain standards and levels of service.

Our Mission - to the best of our abilities, we will provide quality medical care for companion animals as well as genuine concern for the needs and wishes of their owners. Every effort will be made to serve our clients in a timely manner. Staff members will be empowered to be confident, self-sufficient professionals who will treat each pet as they would their own. We will strive to educate pet owners on responsible pet ownership and preventative healthcare.

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  Person Dr. Brad Hulka D.V.M
  City Arlington, TX
  Zip Code 76006
  Address 1890 NE Green Oaks BLVD
  Phone Number (817) 860-3087

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Dr. Brad Hulka D.V.M

Graduated from Texas A&M in 1998, earning his degree in Veterinary Medicine. He joined our staff in 1998, and purchased the clinic in early 2010. He is passionate about making a difference in veterinary care focusing on quality of life for all animals. Dr. Hulka is a member of the Tarrant County Veterinary Medical Association, the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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When you are looking for a veterinary care clinic you should be able to count on superior care and excellent service. We have assembled an expert team of veterinary professionals to bring you the best possible healthcare for your pet. We have a state of the art veterinary facility which is clean, comfortable, and efficient. Call 817-860-3087 to schedule an appointment and we will find a time that is convenient for you.

  • I would recommend this business
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff who cares, provide quality services

I can not recommend this veterinary clinic enough!!! I have been using this vet for about 2 years now for my crew of 5 dogs and have been very pleased their range of services. The clinic staff is friendly and focused on providing quality veterinary and customer services. The two DVMs, Dr. Hulka and Dr. Ducote, are both attentive to and skilled when it comes to meeting the needs of my pets. Their clinic sends reminders for appointments, and call a few days after appointments to check on the progress of your sick pet. They are not emergency clinic, but will do what they can to squeeze you in for appointments when they have the space available. If you’re looking for a comprehensive vet with great customer service, Green Oaks North Pet Hospital is the place for you!

Value for moneyThe staff will provide estimates for services to help save money
Service & supportStaff support is wonderful, and services can’t be beat
QualityStaff prioritizes providing quality services
LocationLocation is convenient with plenty of parking
Overall ratingExcellent

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Took newest member of our family for new puppy appointment. Entire staff was wonderful. Everyone was friendly and took the time to answer all our questions. Big plus because they were knowledgeable of English Mastiffs and gave us many breed specific recommendations. Our puppy was relaxed the entire visit. She loved the attention so much she didnt even notice when she was getting her vaccinations. Super impressed.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

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Had our first appointment for my Gabby this morning. I have to admit I was super nervous, I didn't know how Gabs would react or what they would tell us, since she's had no previous care. We walked in and they greeted us, one of the staff members was writing welcome to all the patients on the dry erase board in the lobby which was a nice touch. We didn't even wait they attended us right away. Everyone was so awesome and nice. Gabby needed shots and was totally distracted by all the peanut butter and assorted treats they had.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

My poor doggie need to be put to sleep and her normal vet was closed. I came here because of location and Yelp reviews.
Everyone was so nice and very respectful. Felt reassured I was doing the best thing for my dog. IF I ever get another pet, I will be back.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would not recommend this business

Saddened to say that overall this was a less than decent experience. I chose this hospital over Banfield with high expectations being a private practice. As a former Banfield tech, I was very excited to see the difference, fully expecting the private practice to run circles around the large corporate chain!
Very friendly initial phone call to make appointment, front desk interaction was pleasant and tech intro was nice. I made an initial appointment for Rio to be seen for her itchy skin as well as her annual visit: up to date vaccines, heartworm test and comprehensive exam. While I completely understand that deposits are necessary at times, I did find it slightly ominous HOW I was asked for a deposit and had to choose a level of care for my dog in the event of an emergency or accident. It came across as,
“Circle one: How much is your dog worth to you?”
“We don’t trust you will actually come back for her if you can’t afford or don’t care to pay her bill.”
As a sales professional, the best advice I have ever received is: the best way to lose a sale is neglect to collaborate with a prospect on value and don't think with YOUR wallet.
The unfortunate truth is I would have approved most services offered. (i.e. grooming- aesthetic or medical related, future dental appointment, dental chews, specific diet food, dental water supplement, espress anal glands, ear cleaning, special ear clear and shampoo etc.) In short, I was prepared to pay almost any amount of money for my companion. After all, it was pay day!
The Veterinarian called me after Rio had been seen. He let me know that Rio had fleas, was overweight and that she had dental disease (not specified as to what stage, etc). At no point were these problems elaborated on or solutions/options offered. Perhaps an estimate for soothing grooming therapy for the skin, dental prophy or a specific diet with portion size suggested could have been helpful. He let me know that she had a capstar given to her as part of the visit- which he quickly added that all dogs receive the capstar. This stripped the value of the pill, implying that this wasn’t a specialized treatment for her. What he did offer was a $30+ follow up visit which is a bit excessive for something presented without value or purpose. If I hadn't been a former vet tech I wouldn't have been able to guess what Rio's overall condition was. I asked for a capstar for Rio’s housemate Penny. At no point did he suggest an exam for her or to watch out for tapeworms.
I’m assuming that my dog had been officially diagnosed with fleas (no report or verbal stating her actual diagnosis: flea dermatitis, dental calculus OR periodontal disease, overweight, etc.) Definitely wasn't prepared for the news that I would need to bring back Rio's fecal sample. She was diagnosed with fleas, which means that she is a prime candidate for tapeworms. Apparently this hospital sends fecal samples out to another lab for next day results. Not too long ago, when I was a vet tech, we collected and identified in lab same day ESPECIALLY when fleas were involved. If we couldn't get a sample in house, we typically called and explained that the owner would have to collect and why. Very inconvenient for patient and owner- especially if she ends up having tapes and requires another visit when she could have been diagnosed in-house same day. I couldn’t imagine the frustration of someone who wasn’t informed that fleas::tapes.. Someone who had to come back knowing that their dog has been in discomfort while it could have been mentioned/TREATED at the initial visit. I find this unacceptable.
Thankfully a very simple report was enclosed in the med bag. It contained some superficial info, but it would have been nice to know where each vaccine had been administered in addition to a full report from comprehensive exam. In addition, I was charged for an incomplete pedicure. While I am thankful that I was able to get Rio her vaccines updated and a prescription for her antibiotic and steroid for skin, this visit was unacceptable. At no point from the booking of the appointment to the phone call that I made to ask a million questions was there value presented of any of the $390.00+ worth of “services”. The only services I feel I should have actually been charged for were the Preventative Care (vx, hwt, rx) as they were they only things that reflect a hint value from this visit. Bottom line: at no point were treatment related or ancillary services offered. For a yearly/ first time visit this is considered extremely poor in customer service and more importantly patient wellbeing. Absolutely no client education was offered, it was continually asked for. I hope to hear that this review has been taken as constructive criticism. I look forward to response on how to recover from this visit to make it right.
Thank you so much for reaching out to me. It means a lot that you want to make things right and that you would like to keep my business. On Friday, I called three different times in attempt to reach out for information that was withheld or failed to be mentioned. I do remember speaking briefly with you. I’m glad that we received a follow up call for Rio not the next day or anytime over the weekend, but about 10-15 minutes after I sent my overall review on your survey yesterday.
While I do appreciate that you want to fix this problem, at this point in time I do believe that the damage is done. Dr. Hulka, the man who examined my dog, kept calling her a male on the phone. In attempt to be polite and respectful, I didn’t correct him. While I do understand that this could be a “one off”, this was an extremely poor first impression. I do not wish to have my companions under his care moving forward. I would like to have her seen by a thorough, caring Professional that can provide her with all of the options she needs for a healthy, happy life.
The nail in the coffin was when I realized that tapeworms weren’t discussed whatsoever until after I brought it up. I came home, found the fecalizer and called the Hospital asking why a fecal hadn’t been collected in house. The tech politely let me know that you do fecals at an outside lab. It wasn’t until I felt puzzled and asked why Rio wasn’t examined for tapes that I realized that this didn’t feel right at all. Whether it was forgotten or it was knowingly dismissed, this guarantees second visit while leaving someone’s companion in discomfort. Once again, unacceptable.
Although I wish I had taken Rio elsewhere and given a worthy Professional the production, certain items were administered that I agree to observe. The only items that I believe that displayed value and that I should observe are the following:
• Vaccines
• Heartworm test + any medical disposal fees, etc
• Heart worm prevention topical
• Cephalexin
• Steroid
• Penny’s Capstar
Everything else on the invoice was lacking in value or purpose. This office visit, as a whole, did not meet my standards and was far from acceptable. I am requesting a partial refund so I may take my companion to a Professional who will examine her fully and thoroughly. I will be taking her to a Professional who will think of and mention anything and everything that she could possibly benefit from and then present it to me to decide.
Although Hulka said that he immediately knew she had fleas due to her hair loss pattern, and that they were immediately spotted (“this hair loss pattern is always caused by fleas”) he failed to mention why he still continued with the cytology. I had to pry and ask why he still ran it if fleas were that inherently obvious. While I understand if he was insistent on running a cytology, I do not feel it was necessary as the value was never presented and if he already knew the source of the problem. The tech’s admission of the incomplete pedicure speaks for itself. I admire her character for telling me the truth up front, but an incomplete job shouldn’t be fully observed by a customer.
Frankly, this sounds like a classic case of a greedy Vet trying to get the most production with the least amount of effort. If it was so important to check her skin in house (I’m assuming) then how come her stool wasn’t checked in house, let alone mentioned? Tapeworms are terrible and a direct result of infected fleas. Perhaps my standards are too high, but this visit was nearly a complete fail aside from friendly reception and tech.
Thank you for hearing me out. I absolutely can’t stand complaining, it embarrasses me to the core. I’m speaking up for my companion who can’t speak for herself. People trust in healthcare professionals to educate them on what their loved one needs. Dr. Hulka’s job is to examine, provide his professional observations and care, to speak for animals, to educate his clients and let them know what their companion needs and what will generally benefit them. That is his job, which he failed to do.


Thank you for giving me the follow up detail. ALL of that info should have been available to me last Friday. As I have expressed several times, this office visit was not acceptable. I do not understand how the refund of an incomplete service and a service that wasn’t even run are a “gesture of goodwill”. That money is owed back. The fecal obviously needs to be refunded as it wasn’t collected and I will not be moving forward with your Hospital’s services. This shouldn’t have even been on the invoice to begin with. If it wasn’t done, it shouldn’t be on there. I should have been informed that the fecal wasn’t collected and that I would be charged accordingly when I could make time to bring back a sample. The pedicure was not completed, therefore should have been omitted from the invoice. I realize that the office visit had been discounted. Tell me, is that why her exam wasn’t thorough? Was it considered less than an existing client exam? Is this why I had to beg for the information that I required? I cannot believe that you had to remind me that the exam had been discounted and that it justified why it wouldn’t be observed as something that wasn’t properly executed.
I received a follow up from an unacceptable office visit on Monday- a follow up call should have been placed 1-2 days after to check for Rio’s ailment as well as inquiring about vaccine reactions. I didn’t receive this call until I sent in my review. So you can surely see why I can assume that I shouldn’t have expected a follow up call at all unless I had raised up a complaint. The information you sent me yesterday was forcefully asked for- not given the same day as her exam. Your doctor needs to provide information rather than several excuses- even if he assumes that I knew it all. Which by the way- sounds really bad. Yes I did voice that I was a tech but literally anyone could say that. A dog groomer who thinks they are a tech could say that. Someone who volunteered one time at an animal shelter could say that. Bottom line is, I am not the Healthcare Professional, he is. At no point did I tell him to stop talking to me about my dog.
I refuse to pay for Rio’s visit on Friday at Green Oaks North.
Green Oaks North will refund my office visit, fecal exam that wasn’t processed, and the incomplete pedicure so I may get Rio the exam she deserves on the first try. This is absolutely ridiculous. I considered pulling down my reviews from yelp, google, facebook, etc. until I received yesterday’s response. As I can respect that you have your team’s back, my situation should be properly dealt with. Thank you for providing me with the info to raise this experience up to another authority.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingFair

Customer Testimonials

Dr. Ducote is awesome and the staff is so knowledgeable and friendly. It is wonderful to bring my cats to a vet's office that truly cares about not only the pets, but their families, too! They were very flexible with us on scheduling, gave us a follow-up call to see how we were doing, and send us a lovely thank you note for the visit. We are so happy to have found such a wonderful office!

So far so good! I got a puppy a few months ago and this has been my local vet for her vaccinations and such. They have been super friendly and explain everything well. I have always felt incredibly safe bringing my dog here.

They really do care about your pets and about you. When dr. Hulka is done with your pet he ask how you are doing. And he isn't making small talk when he asks, he really wants to know.

This is the best vet office you will find. I took my cat, Sushi, here when we suspected he had become diabetic. He was diagnosed as such and the doctors both went above and beyond. I even got an after hours call that last 30 minutes about how to keep him using his box. We discussed everything from number of boxes, type of litter, placement and even kitty calming plug ins. Sadly, he was eventually put down but after that happened, they sent me a folder in the mail full of poems about going over the rainbow bridge and even some resources for pet grief. It was an awful situation and it was nice to know that someone cared.

They always knew us when we walked in. They care about the pets they see. They are FANTASTIC.

They fit us in last minute and were very helpful. Very friendly staff and very clean facility. Other reviews mentioned pricy services, however we got four shots and heartworm medication for a very reasonable price. Definitely becoming our regular vet.

I was pleased with the service we received. I took my 15 week old kitten, Luna for a check up. Both the vet and vet tech treated Luna with love and care which was much appreciated. We look forward to our next visit!

Been coming here for years. Best vets I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. My cranky cat is treated wonderfully and my other friendly cat gets actually happy to get checked out. Staff is friendly, competent and the prices are very fair. I recommend them.

I love this place. We came here with my kitty, Emmie, and my dog, Lizzie, and they are the most kindest people. Everyone was so friendly to me and to my animals. I really did enjoy coming here. I wasn’t afraid to ask questions and they always had an answer for me. I moved away and I can’t drive 40 minutes to take my animals here or I really would. I was most upset about leaving all the nice people. I hope the next vet I find will be as helpful and friendly as this place. Please come here and you will get the pest service for your fur-babies!!

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To the best of our abilities, we will provide quality medical care for companion animals as well as genuine concern for the needs and wishes of their owners. Every effort will be made to serve our clients in a timely manner. Staff members will be empowered to be confident, self-sufficient professionals who will treat each pet as they would their own. We will strive to educate pet owners on responsible pet ownership and preventative healthcare. To provide your pet a happy, safe, comfortable and pleasant experience and to exceed your expectations by assuring your pet is receiving the best care possible.

Physical examinations are just as important for your pet as they are for you. Our veterinarians recommend a complete physical examination for your pet at least once a year, although more frequent exams are encouraged. With our MedRx docking system our Veterinarians can show owners deep into ear canals and other areas to better assist in diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as ear mites and other infections.

Green Oaks North Pet Hospital makes getting a bath a positive experience for your pet. We truly care for animals and put them at ease during the grooming process. Our facility features HydroSurge massage therapy bathing and is able to suit your pets individual needs.

Radiology equipment is available to give us that non-invasive look inside. Radiographs aid in the diagnosis of bone and many soft tissue problems. We use digital radiology which allows quick viewing of radiographs resulting in less time for our patients needing to be on X-ray table.

Veterinary dentistry is constantly progressing. Dental care is necessary to provide optimum health and to optimize quality of life. Untreated diseases of the oral cavity are painful and can contribute to local and systemic diseases. We strive for preventive oral health care, good client communication, good oral evaluation, dental cleaning, and treatment. In addition, we have the materials and equipment necessary to perform a medically appropriate procedure. Here at Green Oaks North Pet Hospital we want our patients' mouths to be as healthy as the rest of their body.

Green Oaks North Pet Hospital is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for your pet. We offer vaccinations based on lifestyle with a comprehensive Wellness Evaluation. Our thorough examination optimizes your pet's health with our doctor's recommendations of specific breed risk testing and appropriate "Core Vaccines" based upon your pet's health, age, and life style. Green Oaks North Pet Hospital "Core Vaccines" are those that are recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

General Surgery- Our hospital is well equipp to perform most minor and major surgical procedures ranging from spays and neuters to more complicated emergency, orthopedic and soft-tissue surgeries. All surgeries are handled with the utmost respect and concern. Prior to surgery each patient receives a thorough physical examination to identify any existing medical conditions that might endanger your pet's health. Because not all problems can be detected upon examination, we require pre-anesthetic blood testing.

Our boarding facility consists of lodging in our specially designed suites or runs suited for your pet's size and needs. Meals are provided daily with Science Diet and fresh water is available at all times. Your pet's quarters are cleaned at least twice daily by one of our animal care specialists and supplied with fresh bedding. Upon dropping off for any boarding or day care services, please allow for the time to meet with one of our medical staff at check-in while making travel plans or your commute.