Our aim is to provide the finest animal health care available. We respect the closeness of the human-animal bond, and it is our purpose to enable pet owners to celebrate all kinds of that loving and caring relationship. We focus on improved quality of life and alleviation of pain and suffering for all patients entrusted to our care.

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  City Huntsville , AL
  Zip Code 35805
  Address 3415 Governors Driv SW
  Phone Number (256) 534-2241

  • I would not recommend this business
  • NONE
  • Everything is wrong with these people; CARE is obviously NOT in their training or vocabulary

Dr never TOUCHED my dog, took her all of half a minute to determine she HAD TO HAVE SURGERY TO FIX THE EAR INFECTION. When questioned about specifics, she was very quick to send in her tech to do the explaining and of course, estimate for surgery. $40 for about 30 seconds of 'veterinary care' from a place that claims "it is through communicating with you, the pet owner, that we can both work together to give your pet a happy and healthy home environment". Walked in with a dog with a hematoma on her ear, left without it even being TOUCHED by the vet....yeah, real CARE! Unless you hate your pet, DO NOT BRING THEM HERE. It took longer for them to print the bill for 'office visit' than the Vet took to even glance in the direction of my dog in her exam room, which by the way was where the dogs are WEIGHED, they couldn't even put us into a proper EXAM area. HORRIBLE treatment and very VERY rude staff/Dr.


Value for money$1 per second apparently seems fair to THEM
Service & supportNon existent
QualityIf there was a less than pathetic rating, I would use it
Overall ratingPoor