We at Firehall 4 Animal Hospital have decided to continue our aim of being nice stewards to our clients, community, and planet and take the initiative and be the 1st as far as we know private business in Athens to Go Green. This is another way we hope to support our patrons and the community we live in. Twice-a-year wellness exams can enhance your pet's quality of life!

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  City Athens, GA
  Zip Code 30606
  Address 815 Hawthorne Avenu
  Phone Number (706) 583-9191

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We want to make each visit a happy one for both you and your pet by giving personalized care in a comfortable environment. We love each dog and cat as if it were our own and cherish every experience we have with our patients. We provide comprehensive care for fur babies of all ages, from wellness to urgent care visits, grooming, boarding, dentistry, and more. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your pet is getting the very best in veterinary service, allowing you both to enjoy a healthy, happy life.

Each morning, we walk through doors that remind us of the history of our city and the legacy that endures in our service. We've kept the Firehall 4 name for our clinic because we love the sense of trust and community that it brings. We're proud to continue to serve our area with the spirit of the heroes who protected Athens five decades ago. Fire Station 4 opened on January 6th of 1965. The station was run by eight men who operated in two shifts and utilized a 1953 GMC Fire Engine. However, with new technology came new fire trucks, which became a bit too large for the historic firehall!

A healthy mouth makes a healthier and happier pet! Dogs and cats can experience the same kind of oral pain and discomfort that we do; however, they aren't able to communicate this to us. At Firehall 4 Animal Hospital, our veterinarians and technicians offer excellent dentistry services as well as education to our clients on how to provide the best at-home care. We offer quality dental services including complete oral health assessments, soft tissue examinations, dental cleanings with full mouth radiographs, periodontal therapy and surgery, follow-up assessments to ensure proper healing, and at-home care education.

Let Firehall 4 be your pet's home away from home. In order to accommodate every pet and every lifestyle, we have different options available for boarding your furry friends. When your pet boards with us, they'll be in a safe, loving environment overseen by our dedicated animal caretakers who will look after your pet, keeping their surroundings clean and helping them acclimate to their stay. Does your pet need special medical attention? To assist in keeping your pet in perfect health, we always have a veterinarian on-call for our boarders and are able to administer medication to your pet during their stay if necessary.