These simple terms describes our practice philosophy and our two guiding values. We passionately aim to supply each patient with the best possible standard of veterinary care. We combine cutting edge technology and medical information with compassion and genuine concern for each patient. We are diligent about the service we supply and always try to exceed customer expectations.

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  City Fort Worth , TX
  Zip Code 76112
  Address 1501 Handley Driv
  Phone Number (817) 451-7387

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Centrally located
  • Various, to include customer service

I found one of the young Technicians (I'm a senior citizen and she appears young enough to be my daughter) on at least two separate occasions to be flippant, void of compassion and bedside manner, and seemingly only interested in recommending procedures for my pet that would unnessisarily add to my bill. I got a sense that this was perhaps the true theme of the clinic as surely this person's attributes could have been detected in the hiring process. When it has been necessary to leave any of my pets for treatment or even grooming in excess of three or four hours, they cannot get to the water bowl fast enough when they get home.

When we got home, they were so thirsty that I was unable to keep enough water in the bowl, and finally had to place another bowl down and fill it with water. One of my pets drank the water so fast that he regurgitated the water he drank before beginning to drink again. The compassion that is advocated at this clinic was not evident. I do recognize that, of course, no business can operate without profiting, not all clients/customers are well to do in these times of recession and some of us own more than one pet. People love their pets and need/seek loving and careing atmosphere for them when they are ill. If any of these qualities are important to you as a consumer, I do not recommend this establishment.

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