As a certified hospital the American Animal Hospital Association, you will discover we provide the finest in veterinary care. Only 14% of hospitals in the US are members and can meet the high levels. You will enjoy the quality service and perfect care we supply. Comprehensive inspections on a regular basis allow us to maintain this distinction.

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  City West Palm Beach, FL
  Zip Code 33411
  Address 11462 Okeechobee Boulv
  Phone Number (561) 798-5508

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Community Animal Hospital opened in May 1989. With the support fromfriends and family the dream of a home for animal care became a reality. We have seen many changes from paper only records to laptops, in-house laboratory machines, laser surgery and digital x-rays. We are now able to run many lab tests within minutes to help our veterinarians identify and diagnose pet concerns quickly for better patient care. Dentistry has come a long way with the advent of digital dental x-rays and that has improved pet care and alleviated many painful conditions that before were not seen without the x-rays.

We will help you through treatment, educating you on how anti-cancer chemotherapy drugs workand what to expect from the treatments. Chemotherapy may be used as the sole treatment for certain cancers or may be used in combination with other treatment modalities, such as surgery and radiation therapy. Chemotherapy drugs attack cells in the process of growth and division. Individual drugs may work through many different mechanisms, such as damaging a cell's genetic material (DNA) or preventing the cell from dividing.

Our goal is to provide exceptional medical care through the experience and skill set of our veterinarians. We go the extra mile and exceed industry standards and protocols so your pet recovers faster, feels less pain and is safer. We give each patient a pre-surgical exam and our precision equipment is sterilized after each patient. Laser surgery is a less painful surgical alternative for your pet. We offer optional surgical laser and post surgical laser treatment to reduce pain, inflammation, redness, bleeding and promote faster healing.

Oral Examinations: AAHA recommends that veterinarians evaluate puppies and kittens for problems related to deciduous (baby) teeth, missing teeth, extra teeth, swelling, and oral development. As pets age, your veterinarian will examine your pet for developmental anomalies, accumulation of plaque and tartar, periodontal disease, and oral tumors. The veterinarian can perform a basic oral examination while pets are awake. However, short-lasting anestheticmay berequired for a more complete examination.

Radiology (Digital X-rays): are images of bones and other dense materials your pet may have ingested. In-House Diagnostics: provides the veterinarian with diagnostic laboratory results more efficiently - often at the time of your exam. Ocular Tonometry - Sometimes called a "tono pen" this small device checks pressure of the eyes to help the veterinarian determine if the patient may have glaucoma. EKG or ECG (Electrocardiology)this machine monitors the electrical impulses created by the heart with each contraction.

If your school has a career day or animal project, please call us&we would love to work withyourstudents. We enjoyworking with civic and charitable groups. Since we opened our doors in 1989, we have been active in the Royal Palm Beach Jaycees, Royal Palm Beach Rotary, and Palms West Chamber of Commerce. In addition, we have worked with churches, synagogues, schools and many charities to raise money for their various causes. National Pet Week isin Mayand wehave sponsored aPetDrawing Contest at H.L. Johnson Elementaryevery year.

CAH provides medical care and treatment for your dog, cat and exotics (birds, ferrets, rabbits, snakes, hamsters, iguanas, turtles and more). We proudly provide pet services to Royal Palm Beach Florida, Wellington Florida, Loxahatchee Florida, and surrounding areas.

Whether it be our receptionists, veterinary animal technicians, or kennel technicians, we all do our best to help you keep your pet happy and healthy and to make your visits with us as pleasant as possible. Whether your pet is coming to see us for a regular check-up or because of an illness, you can rest assured that your pet is receiving the best veterinary care and attention in town.