The Dogs Only Medical Center is a veterinary practice designed entirely around dogs. We were the 1st and only veterinary hospital dedicated solely to caring for dogs. Since then many practices have looked to us for advice and guidance. We use our specialized experience and professional strengths to supply the best quality and compassion in veterinary care for our patients.

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  City Columbus , OH
  Zip Code 43230
  Address 1085 East Johnstown Road
  Phone Number (614) 939-9900

  • I would not recommend this business

I first want to defend Sarah, the manager. She has been helpful and understanding and does not get included in this review. Regardless, the experience we had today at DOMC was regrettable. We've been patients at two other clinics in the time we had owned our dogs and NEVER had such a negative, unprofessional experience (or anything close).

The vet tech was very disengaged, dismissive and disrespectful of our wishes when we described the type of medication we needed for our dogs. We had to repeat things several times before she would listen and even then she was disrespectful and kept pushing an alternative when we clearly declined it numerous times. She did not have the first clue whether the office would be able to vaccinate for Leptospirosis and said many times something to the effect of "well, um, I'm not sure."

She clearly didn't have a clue what was going on. When my wife requested to go back with our dog to get the blood drawn this request was granted, but from what I hear vet tech showed very little care and grace when trying to draw blood. Our dog has never once had an issue with it, or yelped or anything, but for whatever reason the vet tech was not able to take care of him. She did not get the blood drawn and only managed to jab him deeply and repeatedly with the needle. From what I hear, she did not do anything to ensure his safety on the table used and almost allowed him to get free and fall off. This is completely unacceptable and our interaction with her set the tone for the whole experience.

We then requested to speak privately to Dr. Prescott about what had transpired and we encountered the same, if not greater dismissive, disrespectful and condescending attitude. I was absolutely shocked. She repeatedly told us we were wrong in the form of acting surprised at what we told her, defending the vet tech and her actions and saying "well, no one else has ever complained" "everyone loves our practice" etc. Not taking the time and effort to listen to new clients is an incredibly bad business move. Dismissing their concerns and doing absolutely nothing to correct or put people at ease other than telling them they are wrong is so rude I can't even explain. Never once have we encountered a vet who seemed to care so little for anyone but herself and what she thought.

Rest assured, we will never come back. We will NEVER recommend this practice. In fact, we will go out of our way to caution anyone who asks us against going to this practice.

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