Comstock Large Animal Hospital is a complete service equine veterinary hospital delivering advanced veterinary care to horses situated in Northern Nevada. Our service area includes the greater Reno area, Sparks, Spanish Springs, the North Valleys, and Washoe Valley. We serve as an equine surgical referral hospital for Northern Nevada and Northern California.

Contact Details

  City Reno, NV
  Zip Code 89521
  Address 90 West Laramie Drive
  Phone Number (775) 849-0120

From Our Website

Founded in 1971 as a one doctor practice serving cattle and horse ranches, our practice has evolved and expanded into a predominantly equine, multi-doctor ambulatory and surgical facility. Our experienced veterinarians and staff offer a multitude of services, including a 24 hour on-call emergency service. Our facility includes a hospital with a large treatment area, 2 treatment rooms (one equipped with equine stocks), 6 ICU/hospital stalls, a radiology suite, in-house laboratory, and pharmacy; 12 outdoor stalls; 4 grass paddocks; surgical facility with a fully padded induction/surgery/recovery suite equipped with gas anesthesia and ventilation, ECG, direct blood pressure monitoring and blood gas analysis, stocks for standing procedures, and 3 recovery stalls; 2 stall isolation facility; and fully equipped practice vehicles for ambulatory services.

Our in-house laboratory allows fast results which can help our doctors more quickly diagnose a patient's illness. Our services include complete blood counts (CBC), serum chemistry and electrolytes, Serum Amyloid A, I Stat blood gas, and Foal IgG SNAP tests. For all other diagnostic tests such as Coggins, virology and serology testing, culture and sensitivity, and tissue biopsies, samples are sent to outside diagnostic laboratories.

Coggins papers and health certificates are required for transporting your horse between states and for international travel. The Coggins test is the federally required AGID test that determines the EIA (Equine Infectious Anemia) status of your horse. If a horse is positive for EIA, it is not allowed to be transported unless to a specially licensed handling facility. This test should be performed annually, and owners should carry a current Coggins form at all times when transporting horses across state lines.

A pre-purchase examination allows veterinarians and prospective buyers the opportunity to work together to find the right horse for the buyer. This service includes a thorough physical examination and extensive lameness evaluation. Diagnostic nerve blocks, radiographs, and ultrasound examinations may be performed as indicated. A complete write up of the pre-purchase examination and complimentary Coggins, health certificate, and insurance examination are provided to the prospective buyer.

Ultrasound is an excellent non-invasive diagnostic tool. We have both portable and in-hospital ultrasound machines that allow us to perform reproductive examinations, thoracic ultrasound to evaluate the lungs and heart, abdominal ultrasound to evaluate organs such as the liver, kidney and spleen, and lameness diagnosis such as tendon injury. Ultrasound can also be useful to locate foreign bodies such as wood splinters in puncture wounds and abscesses.

We offer a 24 hour emergency service with a doctor and veterinary technician or assistant on call. In the event of an emergency call (775) 849-0120. After hours and on weekends, our phones are turned over to an answering service that will contact the on-call doctor immediately. Possible emergency situations include: colic, trauma and lacerations, birthing difficulty, down animal, choke, bloat, eye injury, and severe illness. If you are unsure if you are in an emergency situation, please do not hesitate to call.

At Comstock Equine Hospital, we offer a wide range of services to best serve the needs of our patients and clients. Our patients include miniatures, drafts, donkeys, mules, sport horses, pasture pets and everything in between. Whether we are seeing your horse in the field (ambulatory) or treating in the hospital, we maintain our goal of providing excellent care utilizing progressive diagnostics and therapies.

At Comstock Equine Hospital, we offer orthopedic, soft tissue, elective, laser, and ophthalmic surgical services performed by board certified veterinary surgeon Dr. Shane Miller and consulting board certified surgeon Dr. Russ Sakai. Each surgical patient is carefully monitored under anesthesia by a licensed veterinary technician and assisted during recovery to ensure the safety of the patient. Laser surgery has become an extremely useful tool in the removal of sarcoids, skin tumors such as squamous cell carcinomas, and ablasion of tissue by the endoscope.