Cimarron Animal Hospital is a complete-service veterinary clinic in Wichita, Kansas devoted to the nice health and long life of your family's pets. Dr. James and the caring team of Cimarron Animal Hospital take individual interest in all their animal patients. They continually aim to strengthen the bond between animals and humans, and improve the daily life of your pet.

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  City Wichita, KS
  Zip Code 67208
  Address 6011 East 21st Street North
  Phone Number (316) 686-4713

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Thank you for visiting Cimarron Animal Hospital. Dr. Kara James, Dr. Gary Skinner and our veterinarians offer quality animal care for Wichita, KS and surrounding communities. Our friendly vet clinic specializes in veterinarian services for dogs, cats, companion and exotic animals. Both pet owners and animals appreciate the compassionate care given by our experienced staff. Cimarron veterinarians are passionate about making sure your pet receives the best care possible! Our veterinarians Wichita provide pet care services for: pet boarding, microchipping, laser therapy, preventative services, spay & neuter, surgery, physical exams, allergy consultation, gentle dentistry, radiology, vaccination, flea & tick, specialty diets, and much more.

We always want to make sure you understand why a procedure is needed, what it will require, and how to take care of your companion after pet surgery. Our skilled veterinarians and experienced veterinary technicians provide a wide range of surgical procedures. We also have access to board-certified surgical specialists for consultations in more complex cases. Cimarron Animal Hospital's surgical resources and services include advanced oral and ophthalmologic surgery, orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, pre-anesthesia blood testing, and compassionate after-surgery care that includes pain management, nail trim and brushing as needed.

Pet vaccination is a very important part of your pet's wellness plan and will vary according to each individual animal's age and lifestyle. For example, indoor cats have different needs than outdoor cats and show dogs have different needs than sedentary lap dogs.

Cimarron Animal Hospital recommends pet microchipping your animals for their safety and your peace of mind. Our veterinarians use HomeAgain microchips, which are designed to last for your pet's entire lifetime. Once enrolled in the HomeAgain database, the microchip is link to a permanent record of your owner information, which translates to anytime/anywhere pet recovery services. Your pet's microchip ID code, just like your pet, is one of a kind. When your lost pet is taken to an animal shelter or veterinary clinic, they will scan your pet for a microchip and will read its unique code.

Pet radiology can be a very useful diagnostic tool for veterinarians. Along with showing broken or dislocated bones, tumors and infections, X-Rays can pinpoint swelling, show intestinal obstructions and ensure that your pet's organs are the proper size and shape. Cimarron Animal Hospital performs all of our pet radiology and imaging in-house, which allows our veterinarians to provide you with speedy and accurate diagnoses in situations when an X-Ray may be ordered for your pet.

If you are not intending to breed your pets, spaying or neutering them is a responsible solution. It is also a proactive step you can take to ensure your pet's well-being and safety, since early spaying and neutering can significantly reduce your pet's chances of developing mammary tumors, uterine infections, testicular cancer or prostate disease. Cimarron Animal Hospital is proud to be a preferred provider of spay neuter services. We also offer overnight/boarding services, if needed. Our vet clinic encourages you to contact us for more information about our spay neuter services for your pets, and to set up an appointment when it's time for the procedure.