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  City San Diego , CA
  Zip Code 92126
  Address 8977 Mira Mesa Boulv
  Phone Number (858) 271-1152

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Appears to be first rate in service and care
  • How much money do you have and what can I sell you??

The worst part of it is that I’ve been a repeat customer for the last 10 years. At first impression Dr. Bigelow comes across as compassionate and caring. That was from the initial checkup for my puppy 10 yrs ago. Over the yrs his business practice has become greedy and unethical. Annual check-ups or sick appointments usually go through a professional and caring examination with problems and concerns discussed before he leaves the patient’s room. Then he advises you that his tech will go over all the options and cost with you after he leaves.

When I first started going to him, his business seemed fair and his staff was wonderful. But over the yrs since, he’s had a very high turn-over on his staff. That sure raises some questions. Over the last few yrs I have experienced a staff that has been very pushy in selling/advising services that weren’t necessary. They take advantage and abuse the fact that we love our pets/companions to sell you services at your moment of weakness.

My last visit for my dog with a recurring ear infection and bacterial skin infection cost me $211. This is also with the absolute bare minimum required to start treatment for my dog. I was given 2 medications that were never prescribed before and was told that I had to bring him back after 14 days for a recheck @ $47.55. I looked online to find out that the meds were @ 200-300% markup on retail!!! The ear infection went away and the skin infection seemed to be gone too after the 2 weeks, so I skipped the recheck thinking that it was cleared up like the previous times under different medications.

Now after another couple weeks the skin infection seems to be coming back. I called and asked for a prescription of Cephalexin which he has prescribed before in the past which cleared up the problem every time but was told after a few call backs by his tech that he will only give out the same prescription of Simplicef and said that I will need to see him for a recheck @ $47.55. It didn’t make sense to me, it didn’t work the first time and he wants me to go through it again. ???? What, all pet owners have an abundance amount of cash to keep paying him? I looked up the Simplicef drug to see what it was used to treat and found out it was used for treatment of canine skin infections (wounds and abscesses).

My dog does not have wounds and abscesses, and because I asked for a medication which he has prescribed before that worked he became irritated and took it that I challenged his professional knowledge and judgment in his practice. He called knowing he’d lost a long standing customer, out of the phone conversation which I really didn’t want to have with him to begin with, he asked if I “felt that he was gouging me and that I don’t really trust him?” My answer to that- “YES!”

Business owner response:
I just read this review today (1/10/11) since it is not a web site I had ever seen before. We try very hard to make financial accommodations to fit everyone's budget as much as we can. I am sorry in Franz's case I was not able to help him and make him think I cared for anything more than money. He is right that I have had staff turnover at some positions over the past 10 years but over 50% of my 11 person staff have been with me 6 years or more. I am sorry to lose any clients especially one like Franz who had trusted me over the past 10 years with his dogs health care. I only hope he was able to find a doctor and hospital he was more comfortable with to care for his best friend.

Dr Matthew Bigelow
Owner-Center Veterinary Clinic

Value for money200-300% mark up on retail presciptions
Service & supportNot as good as it appears
QualityNot as good as it appears
Overall ratingFair