Canyon Pet Hospital has been serving pets and their owners in the Flagstaff area for more than two decades. In 2004, we constructed a new 13,000-square-foot clinic, giving us the possibility to supply you and your pets the best quality of care with the most state-of-the-art technology. The doctors and team at Canyon Pet Hospital are committed to caring for your pet.

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  City Flagstaff , AZ
  Zip Code 86001
  Address 1054 East Old Cnyn Crt
  Phone Number (928) 774-5197

On September 29, 2014, my wife and I took our two Yorkie puppies to Canyon Pet Hospital for a pre op exam so that we could have them spayed. We wanted Canyon Pet to do the work because we had very good experiences with them in the past. My wife and I even preached to others of how wonderful they are. No more. During the pre op exam, we explained that we would have to drive over an hour to get there and my wife could not sit upright for long periods of time due to pain. She is in a wheelchair and suffers a lot when sitting in it. The vet told us to tell the intake personnel our situation and they would move our girls up the priority list to accommodate us. Since every room has a mission statement posted and that mission claimed to have a facility that “meets all the needs of our clients and their pets” we had no reason to believe that the vet spoke anything but the truth.

On October 14, we woke at 5 AM to prepare for the trip to Flagstaff and on our arrival informed the lady behind the desk of what the vet had told us and again informed the intake tech who said she would take care of it. When we pressed for a ballpark time when we could pick them up she explained that they would have to stay for two hours for observation following the surgery so it would be early afternoon. We left our little girls and went to see what we could do in Flagstaff. A little after 12:30 we called to see the status. We were told that they were not going in until AFTER a waiting “neuter” operation was completed. Some quick math indicated that we would not be able to pick the girls up until after 4PM and more than likely closer to 5. We told them to get our animals ready because we could not wait that long as we had told them repeatedly during the intake.
Then it got bad. My wife made me promise to let her handle things. We went into the reception area and she expressed her anger at the lies we had been told and she wanted to see the office manager.

We were quickly rushed to a room so that no one else could witness the effects of Canyon Pet’s error and when we decided we had been hidden long enough, my wife opened the door and was met by the guy who had been working in the parking lot on some general maintenance issues. He had no ID, did not introduce himself and began yelling at my wife. I was doing a fair job of keeping my promise but he continued to verbally abuse my wife. When I decided to put an end to his abusing my wife, he literally tried to goad me into a physical confrontation. The only thing that I can compare him to is a 19 year old frat boy who spent too much time at a keg party. When I asked him his name he turned his back to me and yelled “Chris“ and a couple of muffled syllables. When I asked him to repeat it he then turned and yelled “Did I stutter?” I told him that he had his back to me when he answered and he turned away again with a gesture of his right hand and yelled “I OWN this place. Look it up”

The web site invites you to write to him with your concerns. Don’t bother. Chris Miller is not an accountable person. Mistakes can happen. A man owns up to them. A child blames others.

Incidentally, he charged US for the luxury of his abuse.

Value for moneyIt used to be great
Service & supportAgain it used to be great
QualityThey did not deliver on thier committment
Overall ratingPoor