On behalf of our whole team, welcome to Black Creek Veterinary Hospital. Our website now provides you 24hr access to our offices and your pets health information. There are many exciting new features available for you. Don't know what your pet portal is? We sincerely appreciate you selecting us to take attention of your pet!

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  City Middleburg, FL
  Zip Code 32068
  Address 4106 County Rd 218
  Phone Number (904) 282-0499

From Our Website

For the past 32 years, Black Creek Veterinary Hospital has proudly worked to provide Middleburg, FL and the surrounding area with the very best in companion and mixed animal care services. With a range of medical and wellness options for cats, dogs, and even goats and pigs, truly comprehensivepet careis well within your reach when you work with us. The devotion we feel to our clients and their pets runs deep, and we do all that we can to provide the people and animals of our community with a caring, professional veterinarian.

Here at Black Creek Veterinary Hospital, we pride ourselves on being a unique place for our clients and patients. In keeping with the values of a progressive veterinary practice, we make it our priority to treat you and your pet to personable, down to earth service and support alongside truly excellent veterinary medical services. Opened in 1988 by Dr. Craig Price, Black Creek was founded with the vision of creating a veterinary hospital that practiced only the highest quality medicine, combined with true compassion for animals and extraordinary service for their owners.

A pet emergencycan strike at any time. While there are steps you can take to prepare yourself, it is impossible to conceive of every potential scenario, let alone deal with a serious emergency all by yourself. Should you have an unexpected injury, illness, toxicity, or other urgent situation on your hands, you can bring your pet straight to Black Creek Veterinary Hospital for help. We will see any emergency during ourregular hours, when our veterinarians are in and prepared to see patients. Simply call us at(904) 282-0499to let us know the nature of your case and that you're on the way.

Sometimes, in the course of care, your pet may need to stay with us for a short time to ensure a full recovery. This may be necessary following extensive surgery, injury, or illness. Black Creek Veterinary Hospital has the ability to fully care for your pet's every need, with complete intensive care services in addition to multimodal post-op and recovery treatments. Whether your pet needs intensive care to ensure recovery from a severe injury, basic monitoring after surgery, or something in between, our caring veterinarians and staff will be there to provide all the attention your pet needs to get well again.

We proudly offer full service boarding for dogs, cats, pigs and the occasional pocket pet. Cats enjoy their own wing of the hospital when boarding with us. Our Cat Room overlooks our lobby so our feline guests get plenty of visual stimulation while boarding. Cats are allowed play time in the cat room throughout the day. On the occasions where we board pocket pets, rabbits, etc they are kept in our hospital area or isolation area to reduce stress. We are so excited to now be offering doggie daycare to our clients.

Before you bring your pet in for any service at Black Creek Veterinary Hospital, we feel it's important to let you know what to expect. We are always looking forward to taking on new clients, and can't wait to see you for your pet's first appointment with us. Before you come in, please refer to the list below for guidance. We understand some of these items may be harder to come by than others, but all will help us better serve you and your pet. Appointments can be made anytime during our regular office hours.