The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Appreciating that every pet owner & pet is an Individual with different Needs and Wants, BCVH constantly aim to provide Excellent, Compassionate, Professional medical and surgical treatment, and the Best Advice to achieve optimal Health and well being for pets!

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  City Stockton, CA
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  Address 8728 Thornton Rd
  Phone Number (209) 951-8911

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First of all on behalf of our staff, welcome to Bear Creek Veterinary Hospital. We understand that as pet owners you look at your pet as a part of the family. We feel the same way. That is why we understand that your trust in us adds up to a special responsibility. Our doctor, GP Singh, strives to keep your family members life as happy and healthy as possible. We are proud to be members of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). We have regular voluntary evaluations of our facility which are conducted by AAHA inspectors to ensure that our hospital meets the strict standards that are required for membership.

Did you know Bear Creek Veterinary Hospital provides thorough Pet Ear Exams? Often times we are unaware of the cause of our pet's abnormal behavior. If your pet seems to be scratching its ears, shaking its head, or showing imbalance, it may have an ear infection. Our veterinarians will exam your pet with an otoscope to determine any issues within the ear. We are able to see the full length of the ear canal and look for ear mites, tumors, infections, and more. At times the pain can be too great for our dog and cat patients.

At Bear Creek Animal Hospital in Stockton, CA, we handle cases of pet poisoning on a regular basis. While we're proud to serve the pet community, we're always striving to educate pet owners in the area about the dangers of pet toxins. Many common household items are poisonous for our animal friends. It's our hope that we can help reduce cases of pet poisoning by teaching pet owners which household items pose a danger for pets, and what can be done about this problem.

As part of our grooming services, we offer pet nail trimming right here in Stockton, CA. Trimming your pets nails is important for your pet's overall health. If you leave your pet with long nails, they can get caught on clothing and furniture, and can make it difficult for them to walk comfortably. Long nails can even lead to infection if nails are broken. Further, your pet's nails can curl back into their feet, causing discomfort and pain. Trimmed nails offer the health benefits you want your pet to have.

Help protect against the devastating loss of your pet with a safe and effective micro chip. Micro chips are about the size of a grain of rice and are implanted just under the skin, usually behind the neck. A common misnomer is that these are tracking devices. Instead they emit a small radio signal so that if someone finds your pet, they can use a micro chip scanner to identify its owner. Oftentimes stray animals are taken to humane societies, shelters, or dog pounds that use a micro chip scanner.

Many people don't know this, but your pets can get diabetes just like us humans. Similarly, they can have 2 types of diabetes, Type I (where the animal is unable to produce insulin) and Type II (not enough insulin is produced). It turns out Type I diabetes is much more prevalent in dogs, as nearly 80% of cats with diabetes suffer from Type II. These can all be signs of a health issue, in which case you should visit a veterinarian. We realize these can be difficult to discern if your pet has an issue or not, and that is why it is good do take your pet to a veterinarian for checkups at least twice a year.

The most important step in giving your pet a happy, healthy life is make sure they are properly vaccinated. At Bear Creek Veterinary Hospital, we will make sure your pet has all the required vaccinations. Schedule an appointment with us today. The immunizations contain a substance that stimulates the pet's immune system to build antibodies against targeted infections. As their immunity builds, the dog or cat should be able to resist the diseases if and when they come into contact with them. Once they've achieved full immunity it's then a matter of reinforcement with annual vaccinations.

Did you know that pets need to have their teeth taken care of just like us? Pets can get impacted or fractured teeth, masses in their mouth, and other dental diseases. Periodontal (gum) disease is one of the most common disease affecting our pets. Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria that build up overtime on the teeth, leading to hardened tartar (calculus). The bacteria causes inflammation and infection of the surrounding gum tissues (gingivitis). In the early stages, gingivitis can be reversed if we treat it properly.