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  • I would not recommend this business
  • Few vets do this procedure
  • Leaves animals at a disadvantage for doctors' schedule/businesses

Have grave concerns w/my vet experience that I think everyone can learn from. Sadly, I'm not sure this practicew ill listen/learn, as the story involves other than professional characteristics. 95% of this is in writing, for proof if any one wants it.

Bunny has had 3 surgeries for small abscesses on face, different state/vet. My brilliant vet, 3 decades of experience, sent me to NCSU after first abscess appearance. CT scan was done, upper molar(s) are problems. Refused to do lateral (vs. intraoral) approach to fix said issue. Back to my regular vet, she's done 3 surgeries and pulled lower tooth (she's AWESOME). We know upper teeth/bone needs to be dealt with to stop reoccuring abscesses, requiring lateral approach.

She suggests Dr. Dan Johnson, about 3.5 hours away.

Contact the office. Was told was out of country, would be back on X date. Called again, not back, still out. Said they would let him know when came back in office Mon, this is Fri. Never told him. Couple weeks later, regular vet asks about it. I check. The office dropped the ball, echoing communication issues others have had.

9/19/19 "I will definitely get that information to Dr. Johnson, for him to review prior to his return. I will ask him what he might recommend in terms of appointment duration so that we can look at scheduling it now rather than waiting until her gets back, as his schedule is likely to fill up very quickly."

Sent email 10/9/19 pm, said never heard. 10/10, got an apology, said they'd follow up. 10/11, Dr. Dan emails he's at conference. Tells me offending tooth/teeth/bone needs to be removed (which we know, why I'm asking for him).

Here's where # of problems come in:

1) Dr. Dan said he was open on certain date. Got call few hours later he wasn't. Another conference. Problems are trying to get him when conferences aren't first priority.
2) House calls. The day I'm doing some long distance calling, he was out twice w/house calls. That blocks more time out.
3) No other vet shows rabbit expertise in bios. Dr. Locke, as of the time of this writing, indicates avian/bird interests. That is who he wants to pull in to help, with no evidence she's got true bunny experience publically listed.
4) Dr. Locke assumes, makes judgements, without evidence, both on owners and animals without facts. I got ultimatums about my bunny suffering, and I have to get in there or they can't do anything. They can all treat abscesses. So can my current vet, its the lateral upper molars' bone teeth that need to be done, and the vets' can't do that by themselves. Maybe verify FIRST? The first thing any bunny vet is going to ask is: are they eating, drinking, pooping, peeing? Check. My bunny is tooth purring on head rubs. Unless every other vet and the HRS is wrong, Dr. Locke hasn't shown me she knows anything about bunny suffering. Definitely didn't ask about my parenting. Stated that they wouldn't do anything until my vet (after being informed) would remove abscesses and they they'd see them. My vet said makes no sense to $$$ the owner and stress the animal for small tiny abscesses. She wouldn't do it, and then put him thru a long drive and major surgery in the same risky facial area, not long after. Not worth it. My vet said Dr. Locke probably thinks (ASSUMED) its some huge hole in the animals' face, not these small things he gets, but Dr. Locke didn't bother to get evidence before judging. The manner in which this was all delivered was offensive.
5) I finally end up more than a week later asking to bring in day before he would be back in office for 3 days, and do the CT scan/surgery on same day to lessen stress on animal. No Dr. Locke after my experience, which she earned. I wouldn't leave a bunny and their mate for 2 days alone (bring on Sat, operate Mon am) with no supervision/eating/drinking/pooping checks. From what I've heard, no 24 hour coverage, and a rabbit has to have constant food in/poop out. Stressed out, in new place, they may not eat or drink, causing higher risk for surgery. Next, NCSU had given opportunity to do both CT scan and surgery same day due to animal stress, and requested this for my bun. Less stress and cheaper for me.

Got told they couldn't help, go back to NCSU (who I already said, won't do surgery since no expertise). Obviously no one listened.

Wasted more than a month on this practice. Can't find people so eventually will probably have to put a loving bunny down long before his time, due to these issues. I have a job that I have to be present at to pay for their overpriced (as stated by others) care. I'm not being unreasonable in what I ask, nor does it go against prevailing wisdom.

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