We offer compassionate, veterinary house calls for your cat or dog in the Portland metro area. Our home services include medical care, preventative care, palliative and hospice services, and in home euthanasia.

House calls provide personal attention and interaction with a veterinarian. You have extended time with the vet, and the relaxed atmosphere encourages discussion about the health of your dog or cat.

An elderly cat or dog, or a pet with a long term illness may require advanced care. We have a special interest in providing palliative and hospice care for pets in their home, which can have a positive effect on their quality of life during senior years or during prolonged illness. We believe a veterinary house call provides ideal circumstances in these situations.

Contact Details

  Person At Home Veterinary Services
  City Lake Oswego , OR
  Zip Code 97035
  Address 16869 SW 65th Ave #396
  Phone Number (503) 281-1631

Products & Services

We offer up-to-date medical care for a variety of concerns you may have for your pet, including:
• Eye and Ear infections and related conditions
• Skin or haircoat concerns (infections, itchiness, hair loss, etc.)
• Vomiting, diarrhea or other gastrointestinal problems
• Examination of various "lumps and bumps", skin masses, etc.
• Urinary tract infections, excessive thirst or urination
• Evaluations of weight loss, loss of appetite, lethargy
• Treatment for arthritis, or pain related to other musculoskeletal disease
• Second opinion exams - for conditions diagnosed by another veterinarian

We provide several convenient in-home general wellness services, including:
• Comprehensive annual exams - with ample time for questions to address any concerns that may arise.
• Vaccinations - vaccine programs tailored to the individual needs of your pet
• Heartworm testing
• Annual labwork, if indicated
• Fecal testing and deworming, if indicated
• Health Certificates for travel
• Feline Leukemia and FIV testing
• Nutrition counseling
• Recommendations for flea control and other parasite control if necessary
• More frequent wellness exams for chronic conditions or aged pets
• Microchip placement

Customer Testimonials

We would like to thank you so very much for the loving care you provided while helping Bob leave this world. Your support, compassion and gentle kindness were so very appreciated and it was so beautiful to see Bob go with peace and dignity. We are so grateful to have found you and so very glad you were part of our lives at a time when we needed someone who understood and respected our wishes and decisions. You are both amazing people and our beloved animals are so very lucky for the care and expertise you bring to your work.

We are so very happy that we asked Louise Mesher to come to our home to treat our beloved cat Sushi. We have come to think the world of her! She is a real vet, who takes her profession seriously, and shows a true compassion for animals. The service we have had has been so thorough, and so humane. Louise is a very dedicated doctor, who had trouble sleeping because she couldn’t stop trying to find a solution to our cat’s problem. She and her assistant, Jennifer, were so kind and friendly while treating Sushi, that it kept her quite calm during some unpleasant procedures. She was very encouraging when giving us instructions on how to continue treatment ourselves. It has been easy to communicate with her whenever we have had questions, and to arrange for follow-up appointments. We feel that our costs have not been unreasonable, especially when compared to treatment at a clinic, requiring overnight stays. We have been recommending Louise to our friends and family, as the most comforting way to have a beloved pet taken care of. We think it has been the best way to go, for our cat, and for us.

Unfortunately for all of the other Vets out there in the world, you have set a new standard for us with respect to Vet care and yes, we will travel 2600+ miles for our pets to receive your care.