The Animal Hospital of Towne Lake was established 2000, opening with just Dr. Sherry Weaver and a team of three who shared her vision of delivering the finest medical care possible for our community's four legged family members. Thanks to the customers who shared her same vision, our family speedily grew. The practice now includes 5 fully qualified veterinarians and over 30 dedicated support team.

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  City Woodstock , GA
  Zip Code 30189
  Address 3105 Parkbrooke Circ
  Phone Number (770) 591-9500

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I wanted to inform everyone of our terrible experiences the past several visits at Animal Hospital of Towne Lake.

Let me start with my most recent visit- Saturday, 3/21 at 9am. I had scheduled an appointment for Saturday several weeks prior for my 8 year old Chihuahua to have her 6 mos ProHeart injection ONLY. When my husband and I arrived at 9am, we were told there would be a long wait and that they were UNSURE of how long it would be, that they had no rooms available and no technicians. I explained that this was not for an exam, only an injection and I had an appt. The staff seemed to care less and continued to look clueless as to how long we might be waiting.

I explained to the woman behind the counter that our last visit in September was a similar situation, that we arrived on time to our appointment and waited OVER TWO HOURS to see someone! Overall, that visit in September took almost 4 hours. My dog is epileptic and her seizures tend to happen when she's nervous. I also explained this to the staff member, and she did not seem to care. I explained that we wouldn't be able to wait too long as our dog is epileptic and asked what time we could bring her back that day-- she, again, said that she didn't know and that I would need to call back to "reschedule". This was very frustrating, so my husband and I left.

Moving back on prior visits (before September 2014), there's been a series of unhappy experiences. Our Chihuahua is now on a daily medication for her seizures, but when we were having her diagnosed, we were treated extremely poor. We were talked down with words like "this is a big responsibility to care for a dog with epilepsy" (implying that we didn't understand the severity), and "are you even financially able to do this treatment?". It was all upsetting as we have cared for our fur baby for the past 8 years with the upmost love and care. There's nothing we wouldn't do for our girl.

Another instance, relating to the seizures, was another staff member (a separate visit) told us a story of a "similar dog" to ours who had seizures and died from them quickly. I think it goes without saying that it's probably not a great idea to mention those type of stories to loving dog owners. We understand the outcomes, we don't need the sad stories.

To conclude, we have given Animal Hospital of Towne Lake several chances and after Saturday- we will not be returning. We have already booked next Saturday with another vet for the ProHeart injection.

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