Our state-of-the-art facilities are situated in Charlotte, Huntersville, Greensboro and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. CT and MRI available at this location. CT and MRI available at this location. CT and MRI available at this location. The Role of Your Primary Care Veterinarian Your veterinarian knows your pet's medical history and we rely on her/him to detect the conditions that require advanced specialty care.

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  City Charlotte , NC
  Zip Code 28273
  Address 2225 Township Rd
  Phone Number (704) 588-7015

  • I would not recommend this business
  • none imo
  • money only, rude, takes no responsiblity, if they were mds they would not get away w this

Took my injured green cheek conure to Huntersville on an emerg and was seen by Lauren Powers. I was not impressed with her but was against the wall. She kept him three days then he had rebounded and we drove the 80 mile to get him. He had a beak injury. She could find no broken bones on xray but the beak was torn from the right side and the sinus was punctured. Both would heal. She put a feeding tube in which was either too long or the stiches were not in correctly. Tube appears to have migrated from the crop to the esophagus leading to stomach which cannot hold quantity of fd being fed sometime on Thurs according to his actions and bloody, tarry stools.

Called her, she said to just watch him, should have told me to take him in. He seemed to reject the feedings and I lost him over night. I could have fed him without the tube, That killed him. Autopsy showed bowels filled with blood, injury was beak only and healing, no bleeding there. His tummy could not take the forced quantity of food. Remiss in care, charged me 1000 to do this, I am livid, do not recommend this practice to anyone. You cannot go with your animal to the back. Only vet I have ever been to that will not allow you to do that, what are they hiding. Wanted to chg me to bring him back in to see how he was doing. Never had a vet do that either. Hateful, unprofessional receptionist. Money money money. Stay away.

Value for moneyovercharges; emerg and have you over a barrell
Service & supportrude front desk, rude rude
Qualityshould take more care with how they treat animals and ppl
Locationfor me, awful, drove 80 miles to kill my bird
Overall ratingPoor